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Easily sell courses online with eCommerce integration
Create a brand new revenue stream and raise the profile of your brand by selling courses online. Selling courses

online is really easy, as Paradiso LMS integrates with all of the best known eCommerce platforms.

eCommerce Integration for Selling Courses Online

easy to sell courses online

Paradiso LMS makes it easy to sell courses online

Selling courses online could not be easier with Paradiso LMS. Our platform has its own built-in e-commerce support, and can integrate with other platforms such as PayPal, WooCommerce and Shopify.

eCommerce built into Paradiso LMS

With built-in e-commerce support purchases made are instantly available from the LMS.

Shopify LMS Integration
Auto Enrolment


Thanks to SSO, once a course has been purchased it can be automatically assigned to the learner who purchases it (or who has had it purchased for them) at the moment the payment is processed.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On (SSO)SSO ensures that only one set of login credentials is needed to access the integrated e-commerce platform.

Learning Paths elearning training platform
Course Library

Sell product packages/bundles

Similar products can be bundled together and sold at a discounted rate, such as a series of courses. You choose how you want to sell courses online.

Data security

It may seem counter-intuitive to think that your data is just as safe on our hosted servers as on your own, but personal, product and purchase data is safely encrypted by the payment gateway making selling courses online highly secure.

Sync LMS data to your HRIS
mobile learning

Mobile friendly

Buyers can browse your courses and content on any device – computer, tablet or smartphone. Paradiso LMS and its built-in e-commerce are fully responsive, making purchasing your content yet more accessible.

Subscriptions and Discounts

If you want to promote your content to sell courses online, then Paradiso LMS e-commerce allows you to offer discounts, and even set up subscriptions.

White Label LMS
Easy to Use employee customer partner Platform


You need to be sure that the LMS and e-commerce platform you choose can be upscaled as your business grows. Rest assured that Paradiso LMS has been designed to grow as your organization expands.

Different pricing for different groups

For distributed companies wanting to sell courses online it is key to be able to set different pricing structures for different regions or countries, or even customers. Paradiso LMS gives you that freedom, allowing you to set prices based on your own strategy.

Engage Sales Teams

Easily market and sell your eLearning courses with our powerful LMS System. It’s one of the best ways to ramp up revenue- especially
in the early stages of your online course business. Get in touch now at +1800 5135902 or email us at [email protected]


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