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Best Platform to Create and Sell Courses Online

Selling courses online can help your business reach new markets and increase your sales and revenues. But before we begin to create and sell online course, let’s ponder on why we should even mind. The most evident objective is to generate revenue through selling courses online. Apart from the cost of online course development being effective, what makes theses online course so appealing is that you’re actually selling digital content that you design once but can reuse and sell for years, with no extra shipping costs.

Sell courses online

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Courses that you create and sell online are often prerecorded, but they may also provide live class sessions, pdfs, tasks and assignments, and a variety of other features that provide students with an experience that is nearly similar to that of in-person classes. While you begin to create and sell courses online, you must keep track of the market size and calculate the size of your audience and gauge the email listing as well as have all the training content handy which is videos/vlogs, podcasts, blog posts, etc. Launching courses online allows you to reach out to individuals you would not have reached otherwise. Paradiso helps you to expand your business beyond the four walls, breaking geographical barriers.

A profitable online course should be:

  • Related to subject that you are knowledgeable about or have expertise in
  • Something that you hone in teaching
  • Subjects that potential student are willing to pay for
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Pre-recorded Videos

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Webinars & Live sessions

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Mastermind groups

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Instructor Feedback

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Assignments & projects

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Online communuties

Sell courses online

How to create and sell your courses online?

Online courses make learning all the more accessible. You get the opportunity to build something from ground zero. A comprehensive learning management system (LMS), such as Paradiso LMS provides your courses to be created and uploaded online that are mobile-friendly content, responsive video content. It’s super easy to operate on the platform and control your whole online institute. You can enhance the user experience by leveraging the massive features provided in the Paradiso course platform. So, how do you create and sell course online?

Best Online Course Creation Platform to Sell Your Courses Online


Paradiso LMS Platform
  • Create your Course using Online Course Creation Platform

Now that you’ve figured out what you’re good at, it’s time to think about topics for your online course. Identifying what the learners are dealing with and thinking of the subjects as solutions to these issues is a smart way to come up with course topics. You’ll know about some of the challenging issues based on experience but you can also find out other things by following conversations in social media groups, niche forums or other online communities. We at Paradiso also believe in brainstorming. So, let’s say you are going to create related to photo editing niche, so how can you try and be more specific to the topic?

  • How to photo edit (very broad)
  • How to photo edit on computer (still broad)
  • How to photo edit in background (specific)
  • How to photo edit in lightroom (more specific)

“Paradiso believes specific courses can be easier to sell than broader concept”

Paradiso Sell your Courses Online

Build an audience while you create courses online to sell

Paradiso Create Course Online

Prepare and sign up for email marketing software and build an audience. Think about this as money in the bank. The more people on your list, the better will be your online presence. But don’t just go chasing numbers. Attract the right type of people while you create online courses to sell. People who would be interested in a course created by you. What can help you in this process? You can build your audience by offering something for free. Something like a PDF! What Next? You can promote this free pdf on social media along with some CTA strategy. To share and build your presence after you create online courses to sell, use social media.

Most people consider funnels and email list only when the course goes live. Paradiso believes when you’ve settled on a niche, the safest way is to start creating your email list as soon as possible.

  • Validate your course topic

As a beginner into course creation, creators tend to skip this part in the enthusiasm to create and sell an online course. This is where miscalculation occurs and things don’t go as per planned. Without validation, creators spend a lot of time and money to create an online course which just doesn’t sell. Validation is important to make sure there is demand and creators don’t just simply create a course but actually sell those courses online too.

Paradiso Create Course Online

But how do you validate your topic?

Paradiso Sell Course

One can validate course topic by checking the search volumes for related keywords on Google. Additionally, there are number of software in the market that can help you gauge the search volume related to the specific keywords. A high-volume for keyword will directly mean that people are interested in your topic. Hence the validation! You can also come across relatable topics people are looking for and help fine tune your information.

  • Plan and Design your Course Online

Prior to creating the content, you will have to create an outline for your course to make the process organized and focused. Focus on the learners’ need or the end results of the course that you are creating. Divide the course into smaller modules that will help the learners achieve the milestone to get the desired results. Remember each module should have some meaningful message or objective of its own.

Plan and Design your Course Online

Decide your Course Form: PDF, Videos, Live Videos?

Paradiso Sell Course Online

Content creation for courses involves a lot of trial and error and will take some time. Creators generally use PDF files for creating checklists, worksheets, case studies, and other support documents for their courses. Users can prefer to deliver their course content live. If that’s the case, you can use web conferencing applications such as Paradiso Meet to deliver live videos, record them and upload to your course lessons.

Drive and retain traffic to sell courses online

You might have an awesome online course and a killer strategy in place but without traffic, you won’t have much success. You can promote your course on social media platforms and key is to pick one social media channel that you think will work best for you niche and your content, and then go all-in with that. Whether it is a video content or a podcast choose the apt social media channel for gaining traffic.

Paradiso Course Creation Platform
  • Promote your course online

Paradiso Best Platform to Create Course Online

In order to sell a course, you first need to get your course online! What you’ll need for that is an online course platform that lets you host your content, create a member’s area, deliver your course and engage your students. If you like to see a list of options, you can check this, top content development companies article. Of all the content development software out there, Paradiso Solutions stand tall and offers all the services to help you create custom courses that are SCORM and Tin Can API compliant, which helps you run your courses in every employee training platform.

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