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Challenges: Managing Partner Training

While training your channel partners is extremely useful for both your company and your network, it does come with its challenges.

Personalization and Branding

If you plan to run partner training, then you’ve got unique challenges ahead of you that cannot be addressed using a regular LMS.

Multi-language compatibility

You do not know who your partner employees are and do not have the luxury to exercise control over them like you can with your internal employees.

Fully integrated platform

Also, the partner employees work at multiple locations in multiple roles for multiple employers, tracking their training progress becomes difficult.

All-in-one platform

Since there is no management command that can be exhibited by you, partner training is usually voluntary. Hence, it needs to be bite-sized and mobile ready.


Think about updates or changes in your product features! Without a partner LMS, communication changes would become difficult.

Social Learning

Impart multi-level partner training programs that will keep them informed on your product and the most effective ways to sell it.

Hence, you need a Partner LMS

To comprehend the complexity that arise when educating channel partners, not the least of which is the frequently remote nature of the situation. channel partner LMS is more than simple software

A mobile ready LMS means your channel partners can take training anytime, anywhere. Bite-sized learning on-the-go is what we call it.

You get to save money by eliminating the need to print or purchase materials and ship them out to your partners. You also save valuable time.

Easy tracking and reporting of which channel partners have taken and completed training. This ensures effective channel partner training.

When you implement an integrated product i.e., an LMS with eCommerce and CRM, you get a powerful solution for selling training to channel partners.

Why Paradiso LMS for Partner Training

We’ve created an entire partner training software philosophy to help you achieve your company’s objectives. Our retail LMS has shown clients tremendous development by facilitating initial training suited to individual partners, maintaining continuing learning, and providing them with exceptional supervision throughout the process.


Paradiso LMS gives you the ability to create training for channel partners from your existing documents, or you can author content inside Paradiso, or combine both.


You can enable your channel partners to self-enroll in training they want, or you can make certain courses mandatory for them via the LMS.


Integrate with your existing CRM system or get it from us to avoid re-entering partner data


Paradiso flaunts the best white labelling abilities in the industry, so go ahead and make your learning portal match your website branding.


Get going with your own eCommerce portal or ask us for one and sell training to your channel partners like a pro.


You also get the option to embed your training platform inside your existing portal and enable the users to login via a single sign on functionality.


Make learning not just simple for partners with an intuitive UI, but also interesting via gamification, interactive content and mobile usability.


The best part? You get to track and report the training progress and completion of your channel partners.

Train them to Gain and then to make it Rain:

Empower your Partner Network to boost channel ROI. If your current training methods are falling short, switch to Paradiso LMS and see the difference. We can show you better than we can tell you by requesting a demo below!

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