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Create private portals for departments, divisions or clients with Paradiso extended enterprise learning feature. Create multiple customized and branded tenant infrastructures within your LMS. Our Extended Enterprise Learning feature allows you to have multiple clients, vendors or partners within your e-Learning platform with different themes, branding and rules.

With Extended Enterprise Learning you will be able to assign different administrative roles, learning plans and workflows to each branch. What is Extended Enterprise Learning? Is a structure where a single LMS Platform serves multiple customers/clients. In other words, multiple clients hosted by a single LMS Software. Each customer has their own view of their LMS data and may not even know they are part of a bigger group of tenants.

Get the benefits of Extended Enterprise Learning

Create multiple branches

Create a specific work area for a department, a branch of your company or customer companies where users and courses can be assigned independently. These companies are kept separate on your LMS with their own customizations.

Create an organization’s hierarchy

Using extended enterprise learning architecture, companies can have a hierarchical structure with users and managers assigned at different levels in the hierarchy. Managers can only view users who are under their own department.

Branches can have their own hierarchy

Using Extended Enterprise LMS, Companies can split into hierarchical departments and users can be assigned accordingly. New roles allow to manage users within their company and department structure and below.

Blended learning branches support

Face to face (training) event activities can be set up for companies to allow users to book places at training events or managers to book places by proxy to these events. This incorporates a flexible approval approach to allow access to the training event.

Personalize each Extended LMS

Client companies or sub-portals on an extended Enterprise or multi-tenant LMS can easily be created and defined. Companies can then select their own users, courses, managers and themes (either as an uploaded custom theme or choose from the list of standard installed Paradiso LMS themes).

Privacy between LMS branches

Users from one company training channel don’t have access to other LMS branches. different training franchises are not visible to each other.

Easily share your content

Courses ‘belong’ to a company or can be shared between selected companies or can be shared across all companies (Retaining their own branding and autonomy for users).

Fully independent branches

With Multi-tenant LMS Managers from different companies can add their own users to their own courses or assign an appropriate license to a user, allowing them to add themselves.

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