What is an Extended Enterprise LMS?

The Extended Enterprise LMS tool is designed to serve numerous clients and enable each client to customize the system to suit their training needs. This is possible thanks to the Multi-Tenant capability that allows the Learning Management System.

The feature was introduced due to the importance of comfort and security that companies might have when delivering training or sharing information, providing an efficient and reliable software. With extended enterprise, your users will free to customize their eLearning platform to their own accord and upload the specific content that they need just for them.

The benefits of implementing extended enterprise LMS include increasing the range of options in regards to customization, management, and accessibility for your clients. By offering multiple customization options, your business will profit greatly from this implementation.

The implementation of extended enterprise LMS will assist you with your current business by providing diversity while also retaining all of your branches needs. The goal is to keep all your training needs in one single LMS solution.

Types of Extended Enterprise Training

Employee Training:

with Extended Enterprise LMS is really easy to set up different tenants for each department of your company and offer a complete employee training program. This gives companies the possibility to deliver different training for each group of employees but in the same Learning Management system. Extended Enterprise LMs will help you transform your employees into experts through eLearning, giving them the power of knowledge right in their hands, bringing the education to them and making them highly trained.

Customer Training:

Your new customers can learn about your product/service faster with an easy to use and intuitive Extended Enterprise LMS. In this way, you will be able to deliver courses, training material, compliance training or any type of knowledge you want to impart through the LMS.

Segregate your customers as tenants will give you better control over your customer training initiatives. So create that compelling content, throw in an LMS and a CRM for robust marketing, and you’ll be all set for rocking customer training in a multi-tenant setup.

Partner Training:

Create multiple fully customized and branded tenant infrastructures within your LMS. An extended enterprise LMS allows you to have multiple partners within your Training platform with different themes, separate branding, and rules. Motivate your distributor channels to promote your company profitably and train channel partners on your business sales techniques, processes, and support operations so as to strengthen relationships.

Paradiso Extended Enterprise LMS Benefits

Independent Tenants

Extended Enterprise LMS gives access to each manager or platform admins to set up the courses as they want in their very own instance. They can add courses, set up user permissions, determine who can see specific content, hide or go public with the content material or sell courses according to the rights assigned, running as a fully functional LMS apart from the master LMS.

custom LMS

Fully Customizable Tenants

Implement Extended Enterprise in the different branches, departments, channels or partners of your company and customize each instance with the features and look that you desire. Extended Enterprise LMS can merge with your company acquiring the branding, image, language and much more. The best part is that each tenant can have its own look and feel, colors, settings and information.


Keep each instance private and separated from the rest of them if you like. Part of the admin role is to decide how to manage every tenant and if they will be any connection between them or if the tenant has privacy settings that won’t even let him know that one instance is part of a bigger LMS.

Decreased Costs

Having multiple LMS platforms will represent a major expense for a company. Paradiso Extended Enterprise LMS will provide the features and functionality of one of the best Learning Management Systems on the market to spread it your entire organization with the personalized theme and features for the cost of just one platform. Think about it. You won´t have to get many LMS to impart the training programs to your diverse audience. With an Extended enterprise LMS you can have as many tenants as you required for the cost of just one LMS.

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Paradiso Extended Enterprise LMS Features

eCommerce Integrations

Extended Enterprise LMS gives access to each manager or platform admins to set up the courses as they want in their very own instance. They can add courses, set up user permissions, determine who can see specific content, hide or go public with the content material or sell courses according to the rights assigned, running as a fully functional LMS apart from the master LMS.

Ease of Use

Designed with ease of use in mind Paradiso Training Platform uses a Drag & Drop interface. Our platform is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. Also, there is a helpdesk available for users to have any doubt solved in just a few steps.

Customized UI and Features

As well as branding and color, Paradiso Extended Enterprise LMS gives organizations the ability to change the layout of the user interface through the “Lego system”, where the different blocks of the UI can be dragged and dropped wherever you want them.


Paradiso LMS Reports dashboard gives you a detailed overview of the learning activity. Run, save and schedule a wide range of advanced custom reports. Export reports to CSV and PDF. Each tenant of the Extended Enterprise LMS will get personalized reports and the manager of the master LMS is able to get reports from the entire operation.

Seamless Integration

Employee, partner and customer training with CRM platforms. Complete two-way integration between CRM and Paradiso Extended Enterprise LMS that provides a seamless end user experience. Our Ex integrates with Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and more.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom Platform is Paradiso Extended Enterprise LMS’s built-in video conferencing tool. Open up the power of virtual collaboration in real time. This powerful tool gives learners and instructors the ability to communicate, collaborate and learn from wherever they are, and with whatever device they like.


Multi-Language LMS helps your organization to break the barriers of space and communications, giving you the possibility to take place in the global market. Paradiso Multi Language LMS is available in 120+ languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Portuguese, French, and much more. The best part is that with Extended Enterprise LMS each instance can get its own language set up very easy.

Interactive Video Training

Our exceptional ]Extended Enterprise LMS gives you the capability to create, share and reuse interactive videos with your learners. These are videos made by the addition of immersive interactive elements such as images, elaborating text, links, quizzes, etc.

Why you should implement an extended enterprise Learning Management System?

The one payment model normally applies when If your LMS is destined to be used by different departments, branches, channel partners or vendors, then an extended enterprise LMS is a great solution for you.

A multi-tenant or extended enterprise Learning Management System effectively gives you like a number of different LMS platforms, for the price of one. The users of one tenant may not know that they are in a tenant, or that their tenant is part of a greater system of tenants under one extended enterprise LMS.

What they have is their own personalized learning environment within a multi-tenant LMS, which feeds into and draws from just one database. Some of the main features:

  • Custom branded tenants.
  • Specific and personalized reports for each tenant.
  • Each tenant company can have a different language, multiple currencies, and localized pricing and taxation settings.

  • Tenants can have their own hierarchy.
  • Privacy between LMS tenants.
  • Flexible multi-portal architecture: A single instance, multiple brandings, and configurations.

Why Paradiso LMS

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