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LMS reports

One of the pillars of virtual education is the ability to measure through different statistics the performance of the learning processes. Among the most important features that an LMS must have, the ability to generate reports is essential. Paradiso LMS reports feature is the perfect tool to keep the control of all your users’ processes and measure the success of your programs within the LMS platform.

Paradiso LMS provides you pre-made out of the box reports that are distributed between categories. There are drop-down categories in all the reports. You can have every type of reports inside the platform and personalize them as you wish.

LMS reports can be set up in different ways according to your needs. There are users type reports, course type reports, system type reports, performance management type reports, as well as all the reports under one category if you prefer.

You can easily build your own LMS reports by establishing a name, a category and how many records per page you would want it to have. Also, you can add columns by choosing a category and the specific field in those categories that you would like to be present in the report, as well as organize the fields in the order of your preference.

There is also the option to add filters, as well as create graphs, tailored to your specific needs.

In the Learning Management System, you would have access to course completion reports, where you can filter out information and acquire different types of graphs related to your courses information.

All these reports can be downloaded in CSV format. First, at all, you set up the report with a specific date and you can send it to you and others via email.

Paradiso LMS reporting capability was built to help you track the progress of your users and courses in your LMS. With all the multiple options and filters you can have customizable reports and you will be able to adapt this tool to your measure needs.

LMS reports

Types of LMS reports


Course reports

  1. Grades: Downloadable report on information grades.
  2. Grade Book Management:  Options for setting defaults and preferences for how the grade-book displays to users.
  3. Course Completion: Information about Course completion for each user.
  4. Course Logs and Activity: Activity log of User interaction within the course.
  5. Quiz and Assessment Reports: Students or Administrator can generate a report about grades obtained from users on Quizzes taken.
  6. Quiz Analytics: Every attempt each user make on a quiz is scrutinized and relevant data are portrayed via visually appealing graphs.
  7. Course Reports download, able to export reports mentioned above as XLS or CSV.

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User Reports

  1. User Logs: The log can display all activities, site news or site errors, such as failed login attempts, and all levels.
  2. User Activity: A log of activity in the course may be generated by a teacher
  3. Monthly Traffic: Reports of User Traffic around the last month
  4. User Registration: Information about the amount of user registered Daily.

Customizable Reports:

  1. Custom Report Creation: You can create custom reports without SQL knowledge. It’s a tool suitable for admins or teachers.
  2. Custom SQL Report: You can create custom reports Using SQL.
  3. Reports Categories: Reports can be organized into different categories for an easier administration
  4. Custom Columns: Add Custom Column (Or request information) to an existing reports
  5. Custom Filters: Administrator or Report manager will be able to add Filters for an easier administration of them
  6. Schedule reports: User will be able to Schedule Custom reports and send them to emails with a custom time range and period.
  7. Export CSV and XLS report (Download report): Download created reports on a CSV and XLS format
  8. Embedding reports: Select any report from report builder and add it into the platform as a Widget
  9. Logged user report: Embedded reports only will show information about the logged user.
  10. Custom Graphs: Create Graph based on Reports

Manage all your company’s or students insights from Paradiso LMS platform and get all your internal and external LMS processes audited in very specific ways with our advanced LMS reports. You will get control of every aspect of your training processes.

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