Reproduce your content with an Offline SCORM Player in just few steps

Managing your LMS content in offline mode with the Offline SCORM Player tool, from Paradiso LMS, is very easy. With the offline functionality of our Learning Management System, you can have the SCORM compliant content at your disposal in simple steps.

SCORM packages allow you to create interactive content for your trainees so they can complete their training through dynamic activities. This SCORM packages may contain images, videos, animations, games and, many other activities to interact with the LMS platform.

This functionality is available to be used in offline mode. The Offline SCORM Player is the tool that allows you to access SCORM courses without the need to have an internet connection.

With Offline SCORM Player you can download the content packages to your mobile device and perform activities, take readings, watch videos or even develop evaluations. All these activities, previously downloaded, are allowed while your device is disconnected from the internet network.

The changes you make, including the results of the evaluations, will be updated immediately on the platform when there is a connection available. In this way, no process is left unmonitored and reported to trainers so they maintain control over the progress of the learning process.

This is how an Offline SCORM player runs in your mobile device

1. Enter your domain in the “site address” box

Offline SCORM Player

2. Log into Paradiso LMS mobile app

Offline SCORM Player

3. You will be redirected to your profile information

Offline SCORM Player

4. In the main menu Go to Courses

Offline SCORM Player

5. Click on “in progress” to show the courses you are currently taking

Offline SCORM Player

6. Select the content you want to download to the Offline SCORM Player

Offline SCORM Player

7. This is how the content will be shown if you already downloaded the content and if the content still has to be downloaded

Offline SCORM Player

8. Then you just have to play the SCORM activity

Offline SCORM Player

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Having your learning processes without a feature-rich LMS in e-learning is almost impossible nowadays. Enterprises and institutional educations are accepting it like never before and using it to deliver content to their learners/users. We are sure you don’t want to be left behind in this race.

If you already have an LMS, don’t forget to ask for an Offline SCORM player. Besides all the benefits described before, a SCORM compliant LMS will allow the admins/managers to check if any of the learners are yet to complete their training, and how many of them already have.

Finally, a major aspect of SCORM is that it brings interoperability. No matter the course authoring tool you use, you can throw all the information in the LMS. This process would be a piece of cake for you since the content that is created and your LMS speak the same language of SCORM. Also, content re-usability is made possible.

We would love to help you with your content if you needed. You can get further information about the offline SCORM Player or set up a demo with our sales team at [email protected].

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