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10 best customer onboarding software for 2024

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape of 2024, customer onboarding software has become a critical tool for businesses seeking to streamline their client integration processes. These solutions offer an efficient, user-friendly way to onboard new customers, ensuring they get the most out of products or services from day one. With features like automated workflows, personalized content delivery, and robust analytics, the best customer onboarding software enhances customer experience and accelerates the path to full product adoption.

In this overview, we’ll explore the top 10 customer onboarding software for 2024, each distinguished by its unique features, usability, and integration capabilities, to help businesses select the most suitable platform for their needs.

What is Customer onboarding software?

Customer onboarding software is a specialized type of business application designed to facilitate a smooth and effective introduction of new customers to a company’s products or services. This software streamlines the process of guiding new users from the initial sign-up stage through to full product engagement and proficiency. It typically includes features such as step-by-step tutorials, automated welcome emails, personalized content delivery, and interactive user guides.

The primary aim of this software is to reduce the learning curve for new customers, enhance their understanding and use of the product, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and retention. By providing a structured and engaging onboarding experience, this software plays a crucial role in ensuring that new customers feel valued and are able to quickly realize the value of their purchase.

Types of customer onboarding software tools

  • Interactive Walkthroughs: Tools that guide users step-by-step within the product, simplifying the learning process for complex applications.
  • Tutorial and Training Platforms: Platforms offering video tutorials and training modules to educate users about product features and functionalities.
  • Automated Email Sequences: Software that automates personalized email communications to new customers, providing them with timely information and resources.
  • Feedback and Survey Systems: Tools designed to collect customer feedback during the onboarding process, essential for understanding user experiences and making necessary improvements.
  • Checklist and Progress Tracking: These tools offer users a checklist of onboarding actions and track their progress, enhancing engagement and completion rates.
  • Analytics and Reporting Tools: Software that provides insights into customer interactions with the onboarding process, enabling companies to optimize and personalize the experience.

10 best customer onboarding software with its key features

Paradiso LMS

Paradiso LMS

Paradiso LMS is a robust and best onboarding software designed to facilitate comprehensive and interactive learning experiences. It excels in offering a range of educational and training content, complete with quizzes, certifications, and even gamification features. The platform is known for its customizable user interface and integration capabilities with various third-party applications. Additionally, it provides detailed tracking and reporting features, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking to blend in-depth learning with their onboarding processes.

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Userpilot specializes in creating intuitive product tours and walkthroughs that enhance user engagement. Its standout feature is its ability to deliver personalized experiences through segmentation and in-app messaging. Userpilot also includes powerful analytics to track user engagement and effectiveness, alongside a no-code setup that facilitates easy implementation. The platform’s A/B testing capabilities further allow businesses to refine their onboarding flows continuously.



Whatfix is renowned for its interactive guides and in-app walkthroughs that simplify complex processes. It integrates seamlessly with existing knowledge bases and support tools, providing users with contextual help and task automation. The platform offers multi-format content creation, including videos and slideshows, and is customizable to align with a brand’s identity. Whatfix’s analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into user behavior, aiding in continuous improvement of onboarding content.



Appcues is a leader in creating custom in-app onboarding experiences. Its strength lies in personalization and the ability to conduct NPS surveys and gather user feedback directly within the app. Appcues offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard, integration with CRM and analytics tools, and A/B testing to optimize user experiences. This platform is particularly adept at providing a seamless and engaging onboarding journey for new users.



Pendo offers a blend of user insights and product analytics, which are essential in tailoring the onboarding experience. Its features include customizable in-app guides, messaging, feedback, and survey tools. The platform enables businesses to segment their users for personalized experiences and integrates with various data tools and platforms. Pendo is particularly beneficial for companies looking to gain deeper insights into user behavior and preferences.



WalkMe is an advanced digital adoption platform that stands out for its context-sensitive help and customizable content. It provides analytics to monitor user progress and identify pain points, making it an invaluable tool for complex software onboarding. WalkMe’s automation of repetitive tasks and integration with a wide range of platforms enhances user experience and operational efficiency.



Loom revolutionizes onboarding with its video messaging tool, allowing for the creation of quick, easy-to-understand tutorials. Its screen recording, voiceover, and camera overlay features make it an ideal tool for visual learners. Loom also includes video editing and sharing capabilities, along with engagement insights like view counts and viewer reactions, offering a more interactive and personal onboarding experience.



Zapier focuses on automating workflows by connecting various apps. Its easy-to-use interface allows for creating automated sequences, supporting thousands of applications for extensive integration. The platform offers customizable workflows to suit specific onboarding needs, task history, logs for monitoring processes, and shared workflows for team collaboration, making it an excellent tool for streamlining onboarding processes through automation.

Amplitude Analytics

amplitude analytics

Amplitude Analytics is an advanced platform providing in-depth product analytics and user behavior tracking. Its features include cohort analysis, real-time data visualization, and predictive analytics. The platform’s customizable dashboards and charts offer comprehensive insights into user interactions, making it a powerful tool for data-driven onboarding strategies.



Stonly stands out with its interactive guides and customizable knowledge bases. The platform is designed to be easily embeddable into websites, apps, and help centers, offering multilingual support for a global user base. Stonly’s user-friendly interface and analytics to track guide performance make it an effective tool for businesses looking to provide straightforward and informative onboarding experiences.

Wrapping Up:

Customer onboarding software is more essential than ever for ensuring smooth and successful user experiences. These platforms streamline the onboarding process, providing users with intuitive guidance and support from the outset. Effective onboarding software reduces the learning curve, enhances user engagement, and fosters long-term customer satisfaction. In 2024, user onboarding software like Paradiso LMS play a crucial role in enhancing customer experiences. Paradiso LMS, with its comprehensive educational content and interactive courses, is pivotal for in-depth learning onboarding. The selection of the right software, including considering Paradiso LMS’s educational approach, is essential for a successful and engaging customer journey.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What exactly does customer onboarding software do?

Customer onboarding software is designed to streamline and enhance the process of integrating new customers with a product or service. It includes features like interactive walkthroughs, personalized content delivery, automated workflows, and analytics to ensure customers understand and effectively use the product, thereby improving their overall experience and satisfaction.

What should I consider when selecting customer onboarding software for my business?

When choosing customer onboarding software, consider factors like the software’s ability to provide interactive and educational content (like Paradiso LMS), its ease of use, personalization capabilities, integration with other tools, and the analytics it offers for tracking customer engagement. It’s important to align the software’s features with your specific business needs and customer base.

What are some of the latest trends in customer onboarding software for 2024?

In 2024, key trends in customer onboarding software include the use of AI for personalized onboarding experiences, the integration of video content for more engaging tutorials, enhanced data analytics for understanding customer behavior (as seen in Amplitude Analytics), and the increasing importance of mobile-friendly onboarding experiences, reflecting the growing use of smartphones and tablets.

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