360Learning LMS Vs Cornerstone OnDemand

360Learning LMS Vs Cornerstone OnDemand: Find out which tool suits your organization?

If you’re a first buyer or someone who needs to replace a learning management system, it is crucial to know how to compare LMS platforms or differentiate between the two best software? Although the answers to these questions are very easy, identifying which features will help train your workforce can be confusing as a first-time buyer. So, it’s important to identify features that can provide learning and training programs with the best outcomes.

However, in this article, 360learning LMS vs Cornerstone OnDemand, we depict the best and must-have features for your organization that need to be considered to achieve your training program goals. While selecting between the two systems, search on what makes Cornerstone on demand and 360Learning LMS platforms so popular? Before starting the debate between 360Learning LMS vs Cornerstone OnDemand, let’s walk through both platforms and understand their unique solutions.

Understanding 360Learning LMS and Cornerstone OnDemand

360Learning LMS

360Learning facilitates learning and development to provide growth and learning cultures through collaborative learning. It combines collaborative tools with the power of an LMS by allowing organizations to have learning and training based on collective expertise. Onboarding employees with 360Learning becomes easy as it helps develop professional skills under one roof. It empowers anyone to create engaging courses with a collaborative authoring tool. Moreover, 360 learning also provides content integration so that one can leverage the content from anywhere instead of recreating it.

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand provides end-to-end learning solutions for its users. This cloud-based learning management system is suitable for small and medium-scale organizations, enterprise applications, and mid-market companies. It incorporates several functions to provide organizations with employee training like instructor-led classes, training management, gamification, compliance training, and reporting. With robust reporting ability, it helps to monitor, update and receive insights that the rising organization can utilize to nurture and train their employees. Moreover, Cornerstone enables employees to set their professional and personal goals that will allow them to reach their target goals.

In this comparison, 360Learning LMS vs Cornerstone OnDemand, let’s not forget to focus on customization. 360Learning LMS and Cornerstone OnDemand both provide personalized content. However, Cornerstone on demand provides tailored content per user requirements, and with 360Learning LMS it becomes easy to create SCORM-compliant courses.

360Learning LMS vs Cornerstone OnDemand Comparison Chart

Product Feature 360Learning LMS Cornerstone OnDemand
Collaboration tools Yes No
Compliance tracking Yes Yes
Certification Management Yes Yes
Compensation Management No Yes
Built in LMS Yes Yes
  1. 360Learning LMS helps to easily onboard and train new employees smoothly. Course creation tools allow you to develop learning paths for your employees, allowing user to select the specific topic covered in learning and development program.
  2. Cornerstone OnDemand helps to identify core competencies, start performance and critical roles of the organizations. It allows you to develop and view graphs to determine trends, growth and improvements.
  3. 360Learning LMS allows to create SCORM compliant courses that can be integrated with third party software so as to gain an uninterrupted learning.
  4. Cornerstone OnDemand supports gamification that provides badges to those who successfully complete training. This helps managers and employees to track success goals.
  5. 360Learning supports microlearning, media management, HR management, training management, and employee management.
  6. Cornerstone OnDemand converts business catalogs into a manageable library. Moreover, it also provides an appealing user interface that is easy to use.

360Learning LMS Vs Cornerstone OnDemand: Pros and Cons

360Learning LMS

Cornerstone OnDemand


360Learning has its powerful compatibility that provides robust solutions that work seamlessly with all web formats and media. It makes it easy for companies to utilize the underlying resources. Moreover, the platform helps deliver interactive online courses to engage learners on a day-to-day basis.

Mobile-friendly features help to manage and monitor online courses anywhere and anytime. In addition, it allows learners to access learning resources from their mobile devices at their convenience.

Cornerstone OnDemand provides easy and simple reports for management and auditors through reporting, enhancing the manager’s ability to keep track of learners’ progress.

It provides a tool to utilize for onboarding new employees. Also, Cornerstone on demand can develop training modules that save users’ time and money.


Some technical bugs make functionality poor; also, upgradation can create obstacles while developing learning and development programs.

The response for resolving any query takes time that may interrupt the learning process for some time.

360Learning LMS vs Cornerstone OnDemand Pricing

Before opting for any software, it’s crucial to check for its pricing. Speaking about 360Learning pricing vs Cornerstone LMS pricing, 360learning pricing starts from $8 per user per month, whereas Cornerstone LMS pricing also starts from $8 per user per month.

360Learning LMS vs Cornerstone OnDemand: Final words

That was an overview of 360learning vs Cornerstone OnDemand based on their functionalities, features, pricing, services, and more. Both platforms provide excellent solutions to deliver effective learning and training programs. If you are looking for software with robust solutions, we recommend you look for Paradiso LMS; it is highly sophisticated and caters to all types of businesses and industries. It is a versatile and scalable platform loaded with essential features and advanced tools.

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