360Learning LMS vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite

360Learning LMS vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite: Which one is better?

The organization highly prefers software with top-notch features, course quality, personalization options, and ease of integration; before opting for any learning and training platform its vital for the organization to have a clear picture of what they want to achieve from the platform and how it will benefit your company to boost productivity.

360Learning and CrossKnowledge are the most recommended platforms that offer blended learning solutions. When choosing between these platforms, you might get confused, so we have come up with this blog that will provide detailed assessment and 360Learning LMS vs CrossKnowledge Learning Suite comparison. Before starting the debate, let’s understand both the tools.

Understanding 360Learning LMS and Crossknowledge Learning Suite

360Learning LMS

360Learning LMS empowers employees to drive growth and culture through collaborative learning. This platform combines collaborative tools by enabling high-growth organizations to unlock learning based on collective expertise instead of top-down knowledge. Moreover, it becomes accessible to onboard new employees, train sales teams, and build professional skills to boost business productivity. This platform also helps to create courses easily with the collaborative authoring tool. As a result, one can develop courses in any format and easily access them anytime and anywhere. In addition, customization tools provided by 360Learning enable the organization to customize the content as per their learning requirements seamlessly.

CrossKnowledge Learning Suite

CrossKnowledge is a user-friendly platform that caters to all sizes of businesses and industries. It enables users to personalize their learning portal with adaptable training programs and manage them easily with drag and drop functionality. Crossknowledge also seeks to improve learners’ experience by engaging learners with social experience and gamification tools. This platform also supports mobile learning so that users can access their courses and content conveniently from any smartphone or tablet device. Moreover, the Crossknowledge learning suite offers various learning formats by providing users with technology to support learning communities, blended learning, and mentoring approaches.

360Learning LMS vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite: Comparison Chart

Product Feature 360Learning CrossKnowledge Learning Suite
Asychronous learning Yes Yes
Blended learning Yes Yes
Built in LMS Yes Yes
CRM Yes No
Customizable branding No Yes

360Learning LMS vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite: Reviews

  1. Course creation with 360Learning with the collaborative authoring tool is convenient. Creating courses in any format, assessment, or subject matter within a single click becomes easy.
  2. CrossKnowledge Learning Suite incorporates features like gamification, microlearning, and multi-language support.
  3. 360 Learning reviews provide insights on robust tracking and reporting ability through which it becomes easy to track employee progress and assist them in their learning process.
  4. CrossKnowledge review says it supports collaborative learning, social learning, synchronous and asynchronous learning that helps organizations to provide a seamless learning experience.
  5. 360Learning empowers to create engaging courses with the collaborative authoring tool. It also offers personalized learning to scale the adoption of learning and training programs.
  6. Drag and drop interface in the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite enables users to manage their training programs.

360Learning LMS vs CrossKnowledge Learning Suite: Pros and Cons

360Learning LMS

CrossKnowledge Learning Suite


With 360Learning, it becomes easy to create courses and customize them as per business requirements. This helps employees to gain learning faster.

Better training ability helps to understand trained employees and also helps to understand which employees need more training.

The tailored learning approach and learning paths lead to employee satisfaction and retention. The robust communication tool included in the software facilitates interaction among administrators, leaders, and final users.


Some technical bugs make learning and support slow.

It becomes difficult to set up teaching events and manage invitations. Also, it provides a limited customization option, and much of the primary reporting is not possible.

360Learning LMS vs CrossKnowledge Learning Suite: Pricing

Both 360Learning LMS pricing and CrossKnowledge pricing depend on their outstanding solutions. Although both platforms’ pricing differs, 360Learning LMS pricing starts from $8 per user per month, whereas Crossknowledge pricing starts from $49 per month.

360Learning LMS vs CrossKnowledge Learning Suite: Final verdict

That was an unbiased comparison of the 360Learning LMS vs CrossKnowledge Learning Suite. Both platforms provide unique learning and training solutions that help businesses boost productivity and achieve learning goals. However, like any other software, 360Learning and CrossKnowledge learning suite have a few disadvantages, so the final decision on selecting the platform depends on your customized learning needs, budget, usability, and more.

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