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7 Online Member AcquisitionTechniques to Help You Expand Your Base

7 Online Member Acquisition Techniques to Help You Expand Your Base

Strategies to Grow Association Membership

Online member acquisition are important for associations because, irrespective of the association you work for, your membership base is the heart of your organization. Your organization wouldn’t be able to accomplish its goals without the involvement of its members. Hence, it’s critical to grow your association membership.

Members, unfortunately, leave your organization from time to time. This happens for various reasons, most of which are a natural part of the membership cycle, but it means that your organization must constantly recruit new members.

Finding new members is much more complex than keeping existing members, but it can be done in no time with a few online membership acquisition. The best way to ensure that your organization remains relevant in today’s ultrafast world is to use the internet to maximize association member engagement.

Here are the top 7 online member acquisition strategies to help you expand your member base:

  • 1. Make social media engagement a top priority

    There is no technique as effective as leveraging social media to expand your outreach abilities to strengthen your online member acquisition strategy. Social media is a vital resource because it allows you to tap into your existing members’ social networks.

    Consider where your potential members will be online to make the most of this idea. For example, the most widely used social media platforms are:

    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook

    Once you’ve figured out where your target audience spends their time, devise a member acquisition that allows you to take advantage of the unique benefits of each platform while avoiding the drawbacks.

    Use Instagram’s emphasis on images and videos, for example, to promote how much fun and engagement your member meetups and educational conferences are. To promote your organization on Facebook, reach out to existing groups and communities of like-minded people.

    Also, don’t forget to enlist the assistance of your current team! Offer members of your membership CRM perks in exchange for sharing your posts and images with their friends, increasing your online visibility.

  • 2. Form online alliances with like-minded organizations

    For successful member acquisition, please take advantage of other like-minded individuals or organizations’ work to increase your online visibility, as we suggested with Facebook. Contact organizations with similar missions or target audiences to see if you can work together.

    Your organizations can, for example, provide each other with:

    • Emails or newsletters can be used to sell advertising space.
    • Members of partner organizations receive discounts on membership dues or custom merch.
    • Members receive promotions on each other’s websites.
    • Collaboration on eLearning content isn’t available anywhere else, such as in webinars.

    Consider co-hosting an event for your members if you want to strengthen your partnership.

    By collaborating with organizations with a similar target audience, you can boost your online engagement and visibility by reaching out to their followers. This is advantageous to both of you because you can effectively share a pool of active online users.

    This member acquisition is also practical because you get to capitalize on their hard work in growing their membership base and yours. As your member populations grow, your symbiotic relationship will only grow to benefit you even more.

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  • 3. In your outreach, use visual storytelling techniques

    When reaching out to potential members online, keep in mind that they are inundated with information daily. They’ve become accustomed to sifting through reams of useless or irrelevant data presented to them online to find the most interesting, relevant, or valuable resources.

    When you reach out to potential members via social media, email, or another method, keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression before they decide whether or not to join.

    Use visual storytelling to capture the attention of your potential members during those crucial seconds in your outreach, including photos and videos as collateral.

    Here are some pointers for making the most of your visual storytelling techniques:

    • Instead of places and things, use high-quality pictures and images of people.
    • To create an emotional connection, create a story around the people in the images.
    • Add short, engaging captions or voice-overs to your photos or videos to communicate what the images don’t.

    Visual storytelling can help you engage potential members online by providing legitimacy for your organization while also piquing the interest of those who aren’t already familiar with it. Hence, it has proven to be a successful member acquisition strategy.

  • 4. Make your email campaign more appealing to non-members

    Your organization may have a list of people who aren’t members but have previously interacted with it. For example, people who have subscribed to your newsletter attended an event or purchased something for a friend.

    It would help if you used email outreach to capitalize on this fledgling relationship and convert these people into full-fledged members, regardless of how they contacted your organization.

    Because it delivers all of the necessary information to the recipient directly, email is a highly effective outreach strategy for member acquisition. But how can you ensure that your emails are opened and read rather than discarded?

    • Create a compelling subject line

      The subject line is your only chance to make sure that your email is read. Your email will be ignored if the subject line is boring or irrelevant. So please write a subject line with solid verbs that tells the reader right away that opening the email will benefit them.

    • Make your opening unique

      If you know your recipient’s name, use an intelligent software solution that automatically inserts the recipient’s name into the email. Being addressed as “Reader” is a surefire way to turn off a potential member.

    • Get to the point quickly

      You’ve already lost the reader’s interest if they don’t understand why you’re reaching out within the first two lines. So instead, tell them a story to pique their interest after you’ve gotten their attention with your main point.

  • 5. Use “teaser content” to entice people to engage more

    The member acquisition process of your association must have two tiers of content when reaching out online: free “teaser” content and more valuable content as a perk of signing up for a newsletter, membership, or another level of engagement.

    Give potential members something of value in exchange for their time on your social media, website, or other online platforms. Then, after they’ve engaged with your organization for a while, offer them more valuable content in exchange for their continued engagement.

    What kind of content do you think that could be?

    • In exchange for your email address, you will receive a webinar.
    • In exchange for a newsletter subscription, you’ll receive an e-book.
    • You’ll have a one-on-one conversation with a member relations representative in exchange for a LinkedIn follow.

    However, you must first create content that attracts potential members or subscribers. This content will vary depending on your organization’s characteristics, but common ideas include educational articles or expert interviews.

    Promote this content wherever your company has an online presence, and then continue to engage these casual readers with more helpful content. This is one of the most effective lead capture techniques available because it provides real value to new readers.

    You’ll find it easier to persuade them to increase their engagement even further once you’ve converted casual website visitors into more committed community members.

    Your potential members’ interest in membership is based on the value you provide them with, so make sure they have every opportunity to learn more about that value.

  • 6. In exchange for referrals, provide perks to your existing customer base

    Getting your current member population involved is crucial to fully utilizing the internet’s outreach capabilities. For example, if a trusted friend recommends your organization, many people will be more interested in learning more about it.

    To add a personal touch to your posts or articles about your membership program or association, ask your current members to share them on their Twitter feeds, Facebook timelines, LinkedIn profiles, and their own experiences with your organization.

    However, you don’t have to rely solely on the goodwill of your fellow members to do so. Include some fun perks to entice them to assist you in gaining new members. The following are some examples of incentives:

    • They’ll get a discount when it’s time to renew their membership.
    • An upgrade to the following membership tier.
    • They’ll get a discount or free shipping on their next purchase.
    • Through your LMS, you can get a free or discounted course.

    Depending on your organization’s benefits, you can incentivize your members to help you in various ways. Then, make use of these 7 Online Member Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Base and expand your online outreach capabilities for more member acquisitions.

  • 7. Make the online member registration process as simple as possible

    Simplicity is the secret ingredient of all successful member acquisition. It doesn’t matter if you have the 7 Online Member Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Base or association management strategy if your potential members have difficulty registering as members online.

    Make online registration as straightforward as possible to ensure that all of your online outreach pays off.

    Your members don’t want to be required to complete a fifty-question survey to join. After they sign up, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know them! With these tips, you can make your member registration process quick and painless:

    • On the form, only include the required fields so that they can register as soon as the mood strikes.
    • Make your registration page match the rest of your website by branding it with your organization’s logo. You don’t want people to be hesitant to register because they are unsure about your payment processing page’s security.
    • Make your online registration mobile-friendly so that people can sign up on the spot at events or other opportunities for engagement.

    The easiest part of this process should be registering for membership online. However, nothing should prevent a potential member from completing the registration process once they arrive at your membership sign-up page.

Final thoughts

It’s easy to be intimidated by online member acquisition strategies, but it doesn’t have to be. By following intelligent best practices and the 7 Online Member Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Base, you can increase your member count with your online member acquisition program and inspire your audience to become long-term members.

Membership acquisition is usually well complimented by employing a good eLearning platform that supports integration with association membership software (AMS). If you would like to know more about online member acquisition techniques to help expand your member base, contact us today!

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