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Khan Academy LMS:

Nowadays, it is extremely important to have available and effective resources in order to provide efficient, reliable knowledge to your students and take them to the next level. That is why using pedagogies like Khan Academy LMS, flipping the classroom, LMS platforms and other e Learning tools have gained a prominent role and importance within the eLearning sector, adding up to the learning experience, a new and fresh look, flexibility, user friendliness and many other advantages for students and learners.

Our target is to show you how our Paradiso LMS offers you the possibility of expanding your Khan Academy LMS experience, offering you a lot of features to extend the already existing in Khan Academy LMS such as flipping the classroom pedagogy, ability to repeat you Khan Academy LMS lessons as many times as needed.

Here is a brief explanation of these tools and pedagogies:

What is Khan Academy pedagogy:

Great tool, with many interesting features so you can interact with k-12+ education anytime, anywhere. There are thousands of videos with world class educational material, provided by a real-life teacher who volunteered to take knowledge everywhere, free of cost and via internet (all you need is a computer and internet connection)

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Some of the Khan Academy’s features are:Khan Academy

Thousands of educational resources, Badges, Personalized learning, Video tutorials, Over 5,000 micro lectures and many more. 

Flipping the classroom: This  “history in the making” pedagogy is changing the way every student learns. Teaching has been the same for centuries, this fresh and new proposal offers the possibility to understand the content first, digest the knowledge, interact with it using tools such as our Paradiso LMS, then socialize it in the classroom.

Paradiso LMS: Great, robust learning management system, which offers you the flexibility to add courses, external resources, third party plugins, and many other features that allow you to deliver your content if you are a teacher, learn to use “state of the art” technology if you are a student, and collaborate and interact with everyone via our social network within our Paradiso LMS. Great to use as an extension tool for your Khan Academy LMS. 

A few of Paradiso LMS Features:

  • Paradiso’s LMS attractive user interface with responsive design to support all the mobile devices,

  • Paradiso’s removable Blocks,

  • Khan Academy Social Media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google apps)Contact Paradiso LMS

  • Integrated Video conference, virtual classroom.

  • ePortfolio 

  • Collaborative learning

  • Ranking (Gamification), games

  • Virtual Programming lab

  • Many more.

At Paradiso Solutions, we understand the need to have more and more features added to your already great Khan Academy LMS experience and that is why on our Paradiso LMS we have successfully integrated a tool that allows you (on a teacher or admin role) to have the world’s most user friendly and stable LMS (Paradiso LMS), adding Khan Academy LMS material to your courses as resources so they can be properly assessed in our Paradiso LMS platform.

Our platform brings you and your students organized and effective way to benefit from the Khan Academy’s reliable content and complete, flexible e Learning experience delivered by our Paradiso LMS.

We have merged both solutions to bring you the best of both worlds:

  • Added resources from other integrations such as (Video conference)

  • Google IntegrationKhan Academy

  • Flipping the classroom

  • Badges

  • Ability to “copy and paste” the same classroom

  • Social media Integration

  • Advanced assessment, grading and reporting

  • ePortfolio

  • Export your reports.

Paradiso Solutions is a Silicon Valley based LMS product and e Learning services company.
We have been providing e Learning services to 1000s of our clients since 2007. 

We specialize in:

  • Paradiso LMS implementation.

  • Paradiso LMS, LMS consulting and customization.

  • e Learning Course creation.

  • Full Paradiso LMS support 24/7

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