Cloud based authoring tools in 2023

Learn the potential benefits of a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool

The designing and functioning of the eLearning authoring tool depends upon the category of tool being used. There are two main categories classified as Desktop and Cloud based eLearning authoring tools. The main difference lies in the hosting of the two. Cloud-based tools hold a lot of storage and can be easily accessible via the Internet. To understand the concept of a cloud-based authoring tool let’s discuss the details.

What is Cloud Based authoring tool?

Cloud-based authoring tools rely on the server and do not need any installation before use. This technology is trending and utilizes technology called cloud computing which manages to perform various tasks over the internet. Technology is changing and has added more benefits to make work efficient and simpler. Using a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool uses the technology and allows a collaborative approach. Also, it gives easier access and flexibility to the user to go through the value-rich content anytime from anywhere.

Cloud-Based and Desktop Authoring Tools For eLearning: Which One Is Better for Online Training?

Many organizations are choosing authoring tools to match the demand for high-quality eLearning content. There are many tools in the market but choosing the best that matches your requirements is the drill. The two types of authoring tools that are in popular demand are- Cloud-based and desktop-based.

Let’s find out which one is the better by knowing their functionalities.

  • Effectiveness of time

    Time is a major constraint in the competitive market and therefore we need a tool that is quick and easy to use. Desktop authoring tools usually take more time with their downloads, installation and update process. Whereas cloud-based authoring tools are time effective as no time is spent on the downloads, installation and update process.

  • Flexibility of using tools

    The desktop-based authoring tools need to be saved again and again manually. Whereas in cloud system the content is stored in wide space without consuming the device storage.

Benefits of Cloud based Authoring tools

Many organizations have already adopted this technology and using it for seamless knowledge transfer and skill enhancement. Let’s know the further benefits of using cloud-base authoring tools.

1. Safe Storage Space

The major concern while using tools online tools is the security. The major reason while organizations prefer using cloud-based technology is because all the content is backed up online with your preferred site of hosting. It ensures that your data is secure and you won’t lose any vital documents if the computer crashes. Cloud computing does not take up the storage of your system keeping it free for other usage.

2. Easy for Collaboration

Creating content is itself a very challenging task. But it becomes even more difficult to connect and collaborate with a team sitting at different locations. Using cloud-based authoring tool handles the hassle as the content is stored at one place hence anyone can access it from anywhere and edit as per the requirements.

3. Easy to Install

It is a total time waste to install the same software on different computers to be able to use one application by multiple members of the team. Cloud based authoring tools can be easily accessed by all the team members through a username and password. User can simply login and make changes and get work done from anywhere under a good internet connection.

4. Don’t Have to Wait for Updates

Many desktop-based tools have to wait for the regular updates to enhance the functioning of the tools. Using cloud-based authoring tools would simplify this task. The updates are automatically done and won’t consume much time on making the updates. It is an important feature for an authoring tool with content rich library.

7 Best Cloud-Based eLearning Authoring Tools

There are many tools in the market but the scalability, user interface, and features define the effectiveness of the tool. Let’s take a look at the best and most popular cloud-based eLearning authoring tools.

1. CogniSpark AI

CogniSpark AI is the best cloud-based eLearning authoring tool to boost the progress of online learning. It is an effective tool for creating dynamic presentations and quizzes that engage the user in the learning process. The additional features like AI voice-over, screen recording and user-friendly interface are perks of using this tool. It is an easy-to-use tool through which users can create SCORM compliant courses and make engaging content through built-in templates.

2. Articulate Rise

This authoring tool has made content creation very simple and quick. The built-in templates help in making the content informative and interactive. The flexible feature in templates called ‘learning blocks’ allows the user to choose layouts as per their choice. Team members can edit and publish eLearning materials using the collaborative feature of Articulate Rise 360.

3. Lectora Online

This authoring tool is a powerful combination of the best features of desktop and cloud-based tools. The development, SME, and other teams can work together in real-time scenarios on important projects simultaneously. Additional useful features include automated versioning and backup, built-in workflows, and much more.

4. Litmos Author

Content Author is an effective cloud-based authoring tool that allows designers to build highly interactive content without technical coding. It makes the process of slide creation very easy by adding headings, text, media, audio, and other useful interactions. The author can create advanced-level pages through this tool.

5. Easy Generator

Professionals can now create, publish, and track content progress easily through the Easy General authoring tool. Users can easily drag and drop media files to create content slides from scratch. Also, the built-in templates are available for quick content generation. The newly added engagement metrics can allow the user to find out which learner needs improvement and in which course.

6. Coassemble

Coassemble is an effective training tool for employees. It offers flexible usage by sharing valuable content. You can engage the users in the interactive training using the creative templates. Also, reward the users with a touch of celebration after completing the training campaigns. Create user-friendly training campaigns and empower your workforce with Coassemble.

7. Elucidat

Elucidat is a cloud-based authoring tool that enables users to generate responsive e-learning courses fast and easily. The tool’s drag-and-drop interface allows users to generate interactive and engaging eLearning content without any coding knowledge. Elucidat also features a range of personalization options, including themes and templates, to make the eLearning content more visually attractive. The tool’s analytics dashboard allows users to track learner progress and engagement.

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Cloud based authoring tools get more marks when we talk about the best authoring tools. The features, user interface and structure of the tools are more effective in making engaging eLearning content. If your organization is also looking for an authoring tool that has pre built templates then choose Cognispark.

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