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RIP Old LMS… Say Hello to the Next-Gen LMS

Is your current LMS giving you nightmares? You say east and your LMS goes west? No matter how much you try, your LMS never justifies its presence in your organization. You keep racking your brains to get the best out of the fossil aged LMS, and it keeps enfeebling with every single passing day. And to make things worse, you’re not even sure whether or not, your LMS is outdated. We’d say, if your current LMS is gasping for breath, let it go… let it rest in peace and get over it as fast as you can. And to give you a little hope, let us tell you that you are not alone in the rigmarole, there are many out there in the same situation as you are. Hence, the write-up!  

When there is No LMS…

We’ve seen people in the Learning and Development (L&D) having petrifying experiences when dealing with Learning Management Systems (LMSs). Many of these experiences arise because the market is crowdeBest LMSd with LMS vendors who are incapable of meeting the dynamic business needs of an organization. They provide poor implementation and pathetic post-purchase support, which results in both, the client and the company, remaining dissatisfied.

But no matter the hitches, the reality is that you can’t get learner data that is sorted, valuable and actionable without having a learning management system in place. There’s simply no way around it! Why? Well, the reasons are plenty! First, let’s give you the problems that’d arise if there was no LMS in place.

Imagine the space and the IT infrastructure that’d get spent in arranging classroom trainings for hundreds of learners at a single instance of time. And not to mention the managerial skills required by the training manager to get so many people in one place, at a single point of time. Besides, how about imagining the training manager running around with tons of papers and chunky training material binders? Doesn’t sound very effective, is it? Hence, let’s admit it, organizations need an LMS!

When your Current LMS is as Good as No LMS!Learning Management System

Like we mentioned earlier, if your current LMS is gasping and panting while carrying out the daily tasks, you probably need to start looking out for a new one. If your traditional LMS is nothing more than a repository of boring courses, poorly crafted exams, long surveys and tiresome reports that make no sense, you probably need to be looking for a new one.

Again, if your LMS is complex, unimaginative… almost like a massive warehouse of mostly insufficient, clunky excel sheet reports, you need a new LMS. And if you are bearing with all these nuisances after spending thousands of dollars during implementation, but still have to use MS Excel to manifest your data into some decent understandable stuff, you really…. really need a new LMS!

The Next-Gen LMS Experience

Agreed, you need an LMS, but not just any LMS! You need an elearning platform that has a few basic things in place and a lot more. The LMS you opt for should atleast support integrations with major software portals. Besides, it should support social platforms, while having the gamification elements, robust multi-tenant infrastructure, blended learning mode and the ability to cater to digital learner of today on their choice of devices… i.e. it should support mobile learning.

The additional features that LMSs support include presence of interactive videos, ability to set up a professional storefront for selling courses online, ability to support offline learning while having a course authoring tool that helps convert all the course material into SCORM compliant content that the LMS can understand. So you see, you basically need a next-gen LMS that could dramatically improve your turnaround time from the time of training deployment to completion, taking all other associated metrics into consideration.

Features Next-Gen LMS Flaunts…

Gamificationgamification in elearning

Gamification expels ‘boring’ out and injects ‘fun’ in the learning process. This eventually boosts engagement by making learning enjoyable whilst driving more participation. Gamified elements such as earning points, coins, badges, trophies, leaderboards etc., keep the learners motivated. The best part? Learners retain and remember more of what they’ve learned and are less likely to abandon their training midway.

Social Learning

It is seeSocial Learningn that a majority of everyday learning happens informally, i.e. socially vs. while sitting in a classroom. Hence, we designed an LMS that’d blend informal training mode such as social learning with the e-training modules. As a result, the LMS allows the learners to undergo training via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Wikis, etc., and collaboration tools such as RSS feeds, billboards, news, blogs, forums, chats and more.

Multi-TenancyMulti tenant LMS

A single instance of LMS can host and manage a multiple databases / clients /  customers / partners. Each of the clients will be able to access and view their own unique learning content and would not even realize they are in a multi-tenant LMS. You’ll also experience quicker initial startups and unmatched performance and that too without impacting the performance of other customers on the same LMS.  

Blended Learning

BLENDED LEARNING in LMSLMS has undergone a massive change from simply being an e-learning delivery tool to a broader blended learning platform. In today’s time, it seamlessly blends e-learning, instructor-led classroom training, virtual classroom training, m-learning and gamification all into one comprehensive user-centric staging. While the primary motive of all these still being – imparting effective e-learning.


Mobile Learning

Train at your own time-convenience with the learning management system that provides coherent support for mobile learning. Even with the small screen size of the mobile devices, you get access to all the features of LMS. Learners, tutors and clients can easily access the training programs from tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

SCORM / AICC / Tin Can Compatible LMS

TIN-CAN-COMPATIBLE-LMSAny SCORM compliant LMS ensures all the e-learning content works well with it and that the training material can be easily shared across various systems. Besides, the learning management system India also supports Tin Can API. So, the type of authoring tool you may be using doesn’t matter – all the content would load and render smoothly with our LMS. And trust us when we say SCORM compliance is the most important part when it comes to LMS and courses being compliant with each other.

Assorted LMS Integrations  

LMS INTEGRATIONSOur LMS can integrate with various web video-conferencing platforms like WebEx, Google hangouts, HRIS systems like SAP and Oracle, CRMs like Salesforce, SugarCRM, productivity tools like Office 360, Evernote, content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, content repositories like Alfresco and, e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, woocommerce and many more. These integrations support single sign on (SSO), auto-enrollment and many others.

Paradiso Composer – Course Authoring Tool

COURSE AUTHORING TOOLCreating mobile compatible and highly interactive e-learning courses, using whatever browser you may be using and without writing a single line of code, now made possible with the Paradiso Composer. This course authoring tool is based on HTML5 and can be accessed easily on any device, be it desktop or mobile. This tool is extremely easy to use and requires very less system requirements.

Course Library

COURSE LIBRARYWith more than 5000 on-demand online employee training course library available readily, off-the-shelf training has become one of the most-sought-after options to adopt. All the courses are SCORM and AICC compliant, and cover almost every business’s training needs. This serves as the most cost-effective option, because deployment happens rapidly and at a fraction of the cost incurred while building courses from scratch.

White Label LMS (Branding)

WHITE LABEL LMSThe best part about our white label LMS is that it delivers fully customized training materials through an interface that can be tailor-made to carry the corporate identity of your organization. This can be done by uploading your corporate logo, images and icons, and by changing the theme to match your company’s image. This re-branding also helps add value to your product portfolio.

Advanced Reporting

REPORTING in LMSLMS that specifically have advanced reporting capabilities are the current need of the hour. This reporting tool is essential as it helps organizations gain insight into the training process, while tracking and analyzing the performance of every training activity. The reports thus generated can be downloaded as an excel, CSV and/or a PDF file.

Role-based Learning Paths

ROLE BASED LEARNING PATHSRole-based learning involves creation of a list of curriculum paths and eventually assigning it to the learners at various levels to follow. The users can go through the recommended applicable courses that are most suited to their roles. This targeted-learning approach helps organizations achieve dynamic efficiency with minimal expense of resources.

Performance Management & Certifications

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT in LMSWith the help of our learning management system, objectives can be set for the learners, their progress can be assessed while providing them continuous coaching and feedback. It also lets you carry out their appraisals. Lastly, after a learner successfully completes the training, you can provide them completion certificates within the LMS.

To Wrap it Up

Contact us nowTo summarise, an LMS is central to all learning and development efforts of an organization. Life of a training manager and the learners would be very hard without it. The need is to bring about a paradigm shift where awareness has to be built to not treat the LMSs as electronic museums of learning artifacts. The right LMS, with the right blend of social, gamified and other interactive aspects, can benefit the whole organization. Contact us Now!


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