Thanks to technology, education has taken a new direction towards the digital world. The possibilities are endless when it comes to taking your educational programs to the web thanks to the scope, the facilities of access to information, the support tools and the security it provides. If you preside over a higher education institution, you should ask yourself which is the best LMS for colleges and how to implement it among your students.0

The new generations are increasingly linked to technology. The use of mobile devices is exacerbated and, before seeing it as a distraction or disadvantage, it must be turned into a powerful tool of engagement for learning or education. Mobile learning is the best ally of educational processes if you know how to implement it strategically.

Have the best LMS for colleges in your institution will not only bring great engaging benefits or success in your education programs, it also gives the ability to deconstruct itself and let you build your own LMS from scratch, enhancing the presence of your college on the web with a powerful tool which you will be able to sell and impart your courses, give virtual training programs and more from a platform that is customized to match your institution’s branding colors, logo, and image.

We can safely say that Paradiso LMS has all the characteristics to be implemented perfectly by any higher education institution. Ours is the best LMS for colleges without a doubt.

What characteristics should the Best LMS for colleges have?

Highly Customizable Platform

From login page to inner pages, everything should be easily customized. This way you will give your LMS platform the right environment to match your institution and your users will identify easily.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Paradiso LMS main navigation was redesigned to clearly differentiate it from other LMS navigations. The new design allows users to concentrate more on the content and makes the platform more navigable.

Integrated Portal

The best LMS for colleges must provide an engaging portal which can be used for students, parents, admin staff and teachers. It also must include a library with access to thousands of courses, with a range of topics from management and leadership, to computer skills. The use of roles within the platform will let you control the access to course information and everything to do with permissions.

Social Learning

Paradiso LMS provides a range of tools such as a Facebook-like news feed, social networking, chat, wiki and user forums to support informal and social learning. These features allow students to collaboratively build a body of knowledge that later generations of students will benefit from.

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If you have a hard time getting students to engage in certain classes, maybe you need to add a little fun. The best LMS for colleges must have the tools to let you motivate your students using gamification strategies such as the use of Badges.


With just a single LMS, you can support many departments or partners with custom branding and control. That’s the beauty of the Paradiso LMS Multi-tenant feature!

Walkthrough and integrated helpdesk

Trying to find out how to use a particular feature or perform a certain task? Paradiso LMS as the best LMS for colleges comes with a built-in walkthrough tool to guide you step-by-step in all your Paradiso tasks. In addition, our fully integrated HELPDESK CHAT within the LMS will provide you with a Paradiso e-learning expert one click away.

Flipping the classroom Pedagogy

Nowadays learning is about the experience, the way your student experience the content, that is the way they are going to remember and learn the content provided to them. Ours is the best LMS for colleges because it offers the possibility to extend this already great experience based, by offering FULL support so your students interact with a part of the learning on an engaging, dynamic and stable platform.

Paradiso LMS can integrate with about 100 of other platforms so you can enhance the learning experience and translate it to your other platforms that could go from corporate software such as HR managing platforms to social networks Facebook type.

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