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10 Reasons to invest in a cloud based LMS

Nowadays LMSs are the main software tool for organizing, supporting, and conducting quality online training. E-learning-based on cloud ensures a smooth computing environment and software services for its users. In an e-learning-based cloud universe, learners can opt to access the virtual services whenever they need it and wherever they are present. 

The use of cloud based LMS has created a huge way for learners to think about using the Internet as a medium for e-learning. It has given more flexibility for users to learn and interact with the learning system, as they can create their accounts and benefits of different services available. The cloud learning management systems is a representation of the SaaS and integrates the main features of traditional cloud and cloud service functions. 

What makes a cloud learning management system stand out?  

Cloud-based LMSs are representatives of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and integrate key features of the traditional LMS and the functions of cloud services. The choice of the most appropriate one is very important for businesses and institutions. Selected cloud-based LMS should be consistent with the consumers who will use it, the learning objectives, the number of users, the provided services and the price. Listed below are top 10 reasons to invest in a cloud based LMS:

1) Economical startup costs

Institutes or businesses can skip the part of buying any software or installing one and rather only make sure there is a strong internet facility. Users have only to open a browser in their devices and create their own accounts and start planning their work. Apparently most LMS providers offer free trials for some period of time which gives companies a fare span of time to be satisfied  with  their  services. They can further plan to go ahead with subscription plans of the cloud based LMS. 

2) Security concern is top priority 

With cloud-based LMS things are more private and secured and businesses can share all of information securely in the organization’s own network. For instance, deployers within a network can share ideas remotely through LMS without having to worry about data being lost, as they are hosted on platforms that are completely encrypted. Speaking of security in SaaS LMS, you can never skip security concerns during the payment process. If required to do any sort of payment by the client, Paradiso offers secure systems to offer security to users payments as well as their payment information like card number along with the bank details. Integrate secure gateway

3) Offers better accessibility

Better accessibility for both learner and course developers, comes to reality with cloud based LMS. It gives everyone to stay logged in their account from anywhere using any type of device through the internet. Learners and instructors can only access their accounts from Tablets, Smartphones or Phablet or any other devices having the internet connectivity to continue wherever they have stopped before regardless of the place or device. 

4) Requires less time to deploy

To design course materials for your elearning platform, SaaS LMS is the best option but what’s more advantageous is its deployment. With cloud based LMS all it takes is the clicking the publish button and all your content is available and accessible worldwide.

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5) Upgraded with latest technology

One of the best things of using cloud based LMS is both course creators and learners are at liberty to upgrade the LMS with the latest technology. Operating on the strength of clouds, the software is automatically updated with the cloud based LMS. Learners can constantly receive email with the latest updates instantaneously. 

6) No cap on storage space

Storage space available in the cloud not only saves your money and time but also saves data from being lost or damaged. Unlike local storage in normal devices, cloud learning management systems offer users large storage capacity with no cap on the total storage and high maintenance. Users also can organize, reuse and share files with selected users, moreover some cloud platforms offer recovery options for the deleted data, which makes users more secure about their significant data. 

7) Highly customizable as per the requirement

Cloud based LMS platforms give users the ability to customize their page interface and course material design, test and survey. User also can control how the course will be

delivered and how learners are going to go further in their learning process towards completion of the course. By integrating with popular software in your LMS you make sure that all user and learner data is up to date and standardized across both platforms, particularly important for crucial compliance training. 

More importantly the integration means that moving between the two platforms is seamless via a tab on the dashboard. CRM software like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Sugar CRM, HRIS systems like Bomboo HR, videoconferencing applications such as Adobe Connect and BigBlueButton and eCommerce such as WooCommerce and Salesforce, among many others, are just some examples of integrations offered by Paradiso LMS.

8) Instructors and Teachers can make the most

Instructors who use SaaS LMS have many benefits. They are able to prepare online tests for students and offer better content management for students through assessment of tests, research projects, student duty, feedback and communication with students through online forums. 

9) Need not worry about dealing with glitches

On-hand availability of IT staff makes cloud-based LMS makes it easier to maintain. This includes the regular upgrades on the SaaS LMS with upgradation of certain functions or features on LMS.  

10) Mobile Support

Old LMS platforms were simply repositories of learning information and the learner could only access their training on company machines. Modern LMSs offer learners a chance to continue their learning process on whichever device best suits them – smartphone, tablet or computer and simultaneously complete the course or certification. By doing this it gives learners who wouldn’t usually have it access to their training at their convenience.

Therefore by applying SaaS LMS, businesses and institutes can create personal learning environments to support formal and informal learning. Cloud-based tools and gadgets can be integrated and implemented as self-regulated, teacherled, and personalized pedagogical approaches. 

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