Live webinar: Competency Management tool in Moodle to improve the eLearning experience

Companies and institutions have many goals with their training and courses but sometimes they don’t get the results that they expect or their learners don’t achieve the skills and the knowledge that they are supposed to.  For that reason, competency management tool in an LMS has become an exceptional tool to lead the users on the right path and help them get the specific abilities and knowledge needed.

Competency management tool helps you define the particular skills that your employees or students need to achieve in a specific subject or area. It allows you to set up a learning plan, designed to take the learners to the right educational process and demonstrate the skills required before passing on the next training or course. That would help you save time, resources and also be sure that your learners are really on the right path. 

But how can it be used effectively?

If you set the Competency-based tool into your LMS you easily can get better results. We want to help you to do that. For that reason, we are happy to present on July 18th the webinar “Competency Management tool in Moodle to improve the eLearning experience”, where we are going to be able to clear all your doubts about this tool and how you can set it in your Moodle platform.

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Why you should attend this webinar:

In this webinar, you will find the answers to a number of the questions that you may have regarding the Competency-based tool, including: 

  • How can the competency-based tool help you get better results?
  • How can you define the competency models for each individual?
  • How to use Competency management properly in the LMS?
  • How can the competency management benefit the learners?
  • What type of setup will be required?

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