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The importance of a Compliance Training Online to ensure that your company follows the regulations and laws

Protecting the information of your employees/users and the activities they perform online should be one of the most important areas in your eLearning project. For the different governments, it has been a matter of special care to enact laws that ensure the protection of users’ information within the network. At Paradiso Solutions, we want to guide you through the process to get a Compliance Training Online or Compliance Training Software.

These regulations must be followed step by step since non-compliance with them could lead to legal problems for companies or educational institutions. A single complaint of violation of rights can end an entire educational project. Failing to comply with those mandates, the companies will face big consequences that could even end up losing their operating license.

Among the laws that protect users are GDPR for Europe and Part 11 for America, these two being the regulations that deal with delimiting the use of users’ information in the network, setting the terms in which electronic records and e-signatures are considered reliable, safe and comparable to physical records. Also, the permissions, data, and activities that users perform within the LMS platform are curated by the GDPR law.

On the other hand, there are regulations dedicated to providing a roadmap for conducting online courses and content that standardizes the forms and methods of creating content to be legible in all LMS systems. Standards such as SCORM, TinCan or AICC allow content to be created for the user’s convenience, with programming codes that can be adapted to any Learning Management System in which the user wants to reproduce their course content.

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How to implement compliance training online inside your company?

Compliance Training Online is commonly used for those companies from industries regulated for specific laws to train their employees, who have roles and responsibilities that are affected directly for those regulations, on compliance, health, and safety.

Some organizations have to make sure that all the processes followed by their employees are aligned with the industry regulations. For that reason, companies need to keep their employees trained to meet all the laws regulated in their industry for streamline processes and a well-functioning company.

Having a compliance training platform would help you to take all your training programs online, allowing you to reduce costs significantly, meet the legal requirements faster, increase efficiency, keep the courses up-to-date and increase employee participation and motivation.

Benefits of implementing compliance training online with Paradiso LMS

  • An LMS or Compliance Training System allows you to keep your training and information updated with the new laws regulated by the industry where the company operates.
  • With compliance training online is easier to deliver the training courses. Employees could access from any device and place.
  • Reduce the costs of investment and resources (cost-effective): cheaper and faster to develop than physical programs.
  • Thanks to the many integrations that Paradiso Compliance Training Platform System offers, you have the possibility to keep and manage all the information and processes from your company in the same place.
  • Meet the legal requirements on time, reducing the organization risk.
  • Measure the impact of eLearning in the Training programs through robust reports.
  • Ensure a competent and compliant workforce.
  • Paradiso offers you many strategies to increase employee participation, engagement and motivation.
  • Full control of the delivery and management of compliance training online programs.

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