Cornerstone OnDemand vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite: find the one that’s best for you

Online training and development are steadily engaging employees that is crucial to boost your business’s productivity. This is where employee training platform such as Cornerstone Ondemand and CrossKnowledge comes into the limelight. Whether Cornerstone or Crossknowledge, both platforms allow organizations to generate training programs based on user requirements smoothly.

Utilizing a platform integrated with your system for your eLearning courses or online training can help you track training, ROI, goal progress, and much more. The blog Cornerstone vs Crossknowledge eLearning depicts the importance of training software in various sectors and will help you select the best platform between the two.

This debate between Cornerstone OnDemand vs Crossknowledge learning suite allows users to choose the best between award-winning platforms and make the most out of their business. However, before starting the debate, let’s understand Cornerstone OnDemand and Crossknowledge Learning Suite.

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone learning will help you provide a connected learning experience by creating a personalized learning and development program that encourages people to accelerate and transform training. It offers a variety of formats, including video, digital docs, audio, instructor-led, and virtual reality, so that people can learn effectively and efficiently. It also helps create custom reports that help track metrics and decide ways to improve learning for your people. Moreover, Cornerstone LMS pricing is affordable, quick, and easy plug-and-play with much pre-built integration in the platform that effectively fulfills your organization’s needs.

CrossKnowledge Learning Suite

Crossknowledge Learning Suite offers customizable solutions by incorporating a built-in authentication protocol. This cloud-based learning management solution is designed to be integrated with personalized formats like AICC and SCORM. Crossknowledge eLearning platform creates a top-notch user experience by utilizing content creation and personalization strategies so the learners can quickly access, engage, and retain relevant courses and related content. In addition, the unique and innovative reporting and analytics offer users to keep an eye on and stay updated on learners’ training to achieve learning goals successfully.

Cornerstone Ondemand vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite: Comparison Chart

Product Features Cornerstone OnDemand CrossKnowledge Learning Suite
Collaboration tools No Yes
Assessment management Yes Yes
Blended learning Yes Yes
Built in LMS Yes Yes
Competency management Yes No
  • Cornerstone OnDemand vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite provides an all-in-one system of learning that provides growth, knowledge, capabilities, and skills into a personalized, curated experience.
  • Crossknowledge eLearning offers online learning management, certification management, asynchronous learning, SCORM compliance, Media management under one roof.
  • With Cornerstone OnDemand pricing options, one can efficiently manage and monitor employee performance and offer learning and training tools for the employee staff.
  • Crossknowledge learning suite provides content management, engagement monitoring, built-in course authoring to provide a seamless learning experience to its users.
  • Cornerstone OnDemand vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite caters to all business sizes, from small to large enterprises. Also, it provides services to freelancers along with unique solutions.
  • Crossknowledge eLearning is user-friendly and provides third-party integration to gain top-notch learning and training experience.

Cornerstone OnDemand vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite: Pros and cons

Cornerstone Crossknowledge
Pros: Cornerstone Ondemand vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite provides unique and straightforward solutions that aid organizations in monitoring and obtaining information about their workforce. This information helps companies track training and nurture their employees to achieve business goals. Moreover, employee onboarding becomes more accessible with Cornerstone OnDemand fostering employee retention and satisfaction.
A clear 360-degree review of performance helps to identify staff performance. Also, organizations can identify their best-performing staff and their crucial roles and core competencies. This detailed information can be utilized to determine employees' growth, improvements, and achievement.
Crossknowledge learning suite offers a user-centric and user-friendly learning experience that’s easily adaptable to mobile devices. Also, the platform is very reliable and customizable through which user can customize their content as per their learning needs. Moreover, its robust features help deliver effective and engaging learning programs for the learners.
Crossknowledge eLearning provides multi-language ability with a variety of content bit-sized with microlearning tools and a competent team to manage and provide corporate services. Also, with Crossknowledge Learning Suite, it becomes easy to create learning paths and track every performance for learners.
Cons: Product support takes a longer duration to respond, and also, you may face issues with certification as they need to be updated and made more user-friendly. Users may face issues with analytics as it takes time to analyze the learner's performance. Also, lots of reporting capability may create confusion when developing reports.

Crossknowledge Learning suite and Cornerstone LMS pricing

Both the platforms Cornerstone on Demand pricing and Crossknowledge learning suite pricing depend on their outstanding solutions. Although both platforms’ pricing differs, Crossknowledge pricing starts from $49 per month, whereas Cornerstone LMS pricing starts at $1,000 per license. Therefore, selecting the best platform depends on the organization’s budget and learning requirements.

Cornerstone OnDemand vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite: Final Words

That was an overview of the Cornerstone OnDemand vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite. Both platforms provide innovative learning solutions that help businesses boost productivity and achieve learning goals. Like any other software, Cornerstone OnDemand and Crossknowledge eLearning have a few disadvantages, so the final decision on selecting the platform depends on your customized learning needs.

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