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Why a Customizable LMS is the Way to Go

Imagine if you wanted to order a kitchen, but they only had one size? Or if you were going to buy a new suit and only one size was available? It wouldn’t just be annoying – the finished product just wouldn’t look right.

The same is true for when you are looking to implement an LMS. In certain circumstances it may not be necessary to implement a customizable lms, and instead a one-size-fits-all approach could be best – this is particularly the case for small projects with smaller budgets. However, for the majority of LMS projects choice and customizability are seriously important to guarantee a personalized, branded LMS that aligns with your organizational goals.

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Cherry pick what you need

Custom LMS, gives the organization the chance to pick and choose which features they would like based on their needs and requirements. Hence, a customizable LMS like the one from Paradiso recognizes that no two organizations are alike, and what may be a perfect fit for one company may not work at all in another.


Paradiso prides itself on building a flexible and customizable LMS which can be tailored to the specific organization. Let’s begin with the user interface of the customizable LMS. It’s important for an LMS to be able to match the branding, color and tone of your organization, and you can personalize almost every aspect of lms to reflect it. Upload your logo, tweak the color scheme and make your LMS an integrated part of your business.

Modular design

The design of the UI of the customizable LMS is modular, allowing the administrator to easily alter the layout by simple drag and drop. Likewise the design is also responsive, so it doesn’t matter which device you choose (PC, smartphone, tablet) your customizable lms will look great and match your brand identity.


Our custom lms integrates with a number of key enterprise applications which many businesses use on a daily basis. If you use a CRM such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics your LMS integrates to share data and ensure information is standardized across the two platforms. The customizable lms also gives you access to your training direct from the CRM dashboard thanks to Single Sign On.


You may want to bring in a bit more revenue by selling courses online, in which case LMS eCommerce integration can be added to the customizable lms. With this, buyers can browse your courses online and purchase with just a couple of clicks through your customizable lms.

Multi Tenancy

Depending on the size and distribution of your organization multi tenancy may be a useful option. Multi tenancy means that, under one LMS license, it is possible to set up separate ‘tenants’, each with their own custom branding and access rights on the customizable lms. The tenants could be other departments, channel partners or customers, and most of the time would not be aware that their tenant was part of a larger system of the customizable lms.

What features you want on your customizable lms really depends on the needs of your organization. Customizable LMS solutions brought to you by Paradiso solutions, makes it one of the best LMSs in the market. To remove the last ounce of doubt you may have, we’ll pitch in our LMS experts at your call. Contact us Now!

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