How to Improve the Customer Service Training of your Staff

In any kind of business, there is a pressing need to train employees on how to properly handle the staff of the organization. Every employee that comes into contact with a customer should be taught even the most basic service skills mainly by using an inexpensive, ease to use, online-based and reliable tool. Below, we enumerate all the steps that you need to define excellent customer service training.

Gather data in order to create a baseline.customer-service-training

Before anything else, a baseline can be created through sending out some short surveys to customers regarding how they feel about the service they receive from your company. A comment card may be placed by the cashier in the store, a feedback section may be set up in one of the web pages of the company, a short questionnaire may be sent via email, or a poll may be posted on any social media platform. The information gathered from this can be used to determine the weak points in the customer service. In order to improve it, you should know exactly which area requires improvement. An effective service training program is based on what the customers really need.
Establish an appropriate customer service training program.

With a program, a training professional or even a knowledgeable and skillful employee can teach the staff. Depending on the size of the company as well as the preference of the management, the instruction can be formal or a more personal one-on-one coaching.  E-learning can also be an effective, convenient and cost-effective style. In fact, a return on investment can be seen in as little as six months. Through the corporate platform program, the employees should learn how to resolve conflicts, and communicate with all kinds of customers, especially the difficult ones.
Start with the company description.

The first thing that the employees should learn during the training is the organization itself. This includes its history and philosophy as well as the description, function and specifications of every product or service that they offer. In order to better assist customers and address their issues, the employees should be sufficiently knowledgeable of what the company does.
Use a service manual.

Policies and procedures should also be given to the employees. The program can include a manual, which contains all the needed information about interacting with the customers.
Develop a proper etiquette.

Another basic topic is phone and email etiquette. Employees may be allowed to listen in on a couple of real customer service phone calls while they are being instructed. The supervisor or an experienced employee can also shadow the employee in training during the work hours. Through this on-the-job training setup, the staff can be shown live situations and be prepared to handle them on their own in the future.
Develop soft skills.

Aside from these technical knowledge, the program should also include developing soft skills. These refer to customer engagement. Knowing simple alternative phrases can also be extremely useful. For example, instead of saying “I don’t know,” employees should opt to use “Let us find out,” or similar sentences.
Reevaluate the customer service training performance.

The training should not end with just that. An assessment based on the baseline studies made before the training program should be made in order to see if there really is improvement. When using an e-learning solution for companies, features such as real time reporting, it will be easy to monitor the training progress and performance improvement. Also, an active online support, preferable one that can be accessed 24/7, can help further improve the training module based on the reevaluation.

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