The Customer Training Platform: Advantages and Tips

In this article you are going to learn what the advantages of installing a customer training platform are to your organization, the content includes a number of tips and current stats related to the e-learning software topic.

For any IT service provider, it is critical to educate their clients on any new application that is launched. Companies outsource application related jobs to IT service companies because application development is not their core job. One popular platform solution that has been implemented in the last years is the LMS system, discarding the use and installation of software.

The advantages of using a customer training platform include some of the following:

  • Face-to-face learning is not cost effective

While the IT service companies have their training departments in place, they are not able to take their customers and clients through face-to-face training mainly because of logistics. If an American company outsources its IT development jobs to an overseas country, getting someone to fly from that country to the USA every time a training program is required, is difficult to make and is not a cost effective solution. A special virtual solution is required here. And this can be in the form of a software application like a LMS. This concept is not new, most of the developed world has already embraced the concept of virtual learning environment. Those companies that are still not gung-ho about this form of e-learning training are now scurrying to find partners who can provide a robust virtual platform.

  • Learn anytime, anywhere

The biggest benefit of using e-learning is that this task can be conducted at the convenience of everyone. A client employee can log into the program from anywhere and go through a session. Even if someone misses a session, they can go through the recordings and check what the course, meeting or class were about.

  • It’s cost effective

E-learning doesn’t require travelling or arranging for a classroom. All employees can attend the training using their laptop, desktop, tablet or even a cell phone. This saves huge cost to an organization. Moreover, once an e-learning training module is created, it can be accessed again and again without any extra cost.

  • It’s engaging

The open source learning format of e-learning ensures that the modules can be created to be completely engaging. Flash animations, games and quizzes make such modules highly interesting. Even learning contests can be run using such modules.

  • Better control

Because e-learning progress can be tracked, the administrator can control course progress. An employee can be rewarded for finishing a course on time and another employee can be reminded to complete their courses and so on. Any activity on the learning platform can be tracked for better productivity.
All in all, keeping all these benefits in mind, it is safe to assume that e-learning is the way forward in the domain of learning and development. Using a customer training platform is a critical tool that have to be used because at the end of the day, the knowledge your employees or students can learn matters the most. Any IT service provider can provide better value through customer education and e-learning is the best mode for this form of education, the faster this concept is adopted, the better it is for an IT service provider and its clients.

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