Best Practices in Customer Training Program

An effective customer training program includes an on-the-job training experience that allows the employees to see and get an idea of what issues and conflicts they would be handling on their own after the instruction process. This provides them with the opportunity to become aware of how employees actually interact with the customers, how they respond and how issues are resolved.


New employees may be allowed to listen in to real-time conversations with clients. Follow up questions may be asked afterwards. Once they are ready, they may be allowed to handle the calls for around an hour or two with supervision from the coach, the manager or a more experienced employee.



Take advantage of new technologies

If possible, the training should include the consumer technologies incorporated into the support channels. Today, there are many ways to connect with people. By making customer service available on as many platforms available, the company can reach out to more existing and potential customers.

Aside from phone calls, customer service representatives should be trained on how to engage with customer through these platforms, which includes SMS, web chat, video chat and even social media.


Aside from communications platforms, e-learning corporate solutions that can help track progress and allow training on the go are very advantageous.


Empower the employees

When training employees, a lot may want to focus on the technical aspect of customer service, which is crucial in effectively handling inquiries, issues and complaints. However, aside from this, it is also important to remember to empower the employees themselves. A certain level of autonomy, for example, can be given to employees with regards to addressing customer issues.


Several companies, for example, encourage employees to simply use their own best judgment in all situations. Other companies give autonomy with regards to handling a certain amount of money used specifically for conflict resolution.


Within an empowering environment, employees can feel more confident and comfortable listening to customers and actually holding conversations with them instead of just mechanically answering their questions in a quick, concise and impersonal manner.


Develop people skills

In connection with that, implanting an e-learning LMS that focuses on developing people skills from outide of the company is also important. At the core of good customer service is good relationships between the company and its customers. Employees must always remember that.


Encourage the employees to sign up for

Actions of top customer service representatives may be highlighted, and consistent top performers may even be rewarded. It is important to focus and reiterate which activities were correctly or excellently performed. These rewards may also be used in order to demonstrate which actions should be followed by positively reinforcing them. For example, a reward may given to an employee for receiving positive feedback from a customer he or she has helped, but not for the quickly resolving a conflict. In this case, the quality of the service is highlighted instead of the speed.


Continue the customer training program

As the employees learn more from training and experience, the level of customer service should get better. For a continuously adapting and improving service, an ongoing training or coaching can be applied. The best of these solutions are Internet-based, customizable, reliable and supported by reputable sources.


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