Does Salesforce have an LMS?

Do you have training needs and are you looking for a reliable platform to deliver content within your company? Usually, in the companies, the training needs are generalized that come hand in hand with new work techniques, compliance training, incorporation of new employees, etc. All these necessities can be solved implementing a Salesforce LMS integration.

Therefore, if you are already familiar with CRM or HR platforms like Salesforce or OpenHR, for example, you must wonder if these platforms can serve also as an LMS to save and resources inside your platform.

Stop worrying about this by acquiring an integration with Paradiso LMS. Salesforce Lightning doesn’t work as an LMS by itself, but it surely becomes a powerful tool when is integrated with an LMS solution capable to send all the data and synchronize with the Salesforce Lightning platform.

This amazing combo will take the managing of your workforce to the next level by providing the necessary tools to train, track, record and analyze the virtual learning processes inside your company

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  • Course Data Synchronization: This feature helps to keep the data aligned between both systems while safeguarding the security of your most valuable data. It ensures consistency among the data in the two platforms, i.e., the Salesforce LMS. Also, the subsequent updates to the courses which otherwise need to be planned, scheduled or controlled manually, happen automatically with the Salesforce LMS integration available.
  • Course Compliant Audit Report: The CRM system also provides support during the compliance audit of the LMS. The Salesforce platform would store all the relevant client, customer and partner information which they can eventually get pulled into the LMS at the time of its audit. Also, the Learning Management System has a flexible reporting structure that helps the auditors in extracting a more detailed analysis of users, through the custom reports and analytics dashboard.
  • Enable eCommerce Options for Couse Training: Salesforce LMS eCommerce integration is helpful for all the organizations who want to sell their training services to their customers. Selling course material online via the e-commerce gateway is becoming the most preferred way for educational institutes to crack a deal for online training.
  • Streamlining of Training: With the Salesforce LMS integration happening at the decree of the sales personnel level, the merger would bring in excellent streamlining of the customer, partner, and employee training. This is useful especially when product certification training is the need of the hour. In addition, it also shows how far the contacts/users have completed the training and what additional courses need to be allotted to them. At the same time, it helps in eliminating the manual work and the eventual errors that occur while syncing, importing and maintaining the data between the two platforms i.e., the Salesforce LMS.

What we have here is a monster tool for eLearning. The powerful Salesforce Lightning LMS integration is the most effective solution for companies. It provides a wide, clear view of the eLearning processes and it also can become the best ally when it comes to distribute and sell your courses online.

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