Looking for eLearning Development Companies? Check these main tips!

When running a company or institution one of the most common concerns is to grow up and keep flowing with the trends, not getting left behind or slow down the business. If you have this concern and don’t have contact with an eLearning development company yet, you need to read this! Purchasing an LMS to impart training, onboardings programs, compliance training or skill development courses within your company will bring lots of benefits. Let’s take a look at what eLearning development companies have to offer to provide great LMS’s for business and educational purposes.

The job of eLearning development companies is to help you deliver and set up your training and skills development programs easily along with your organization or institution. If you are looking for local help or 24/7 support. We recommend our own, Paradiso Solutions.

Paradiso LMS is one of the best eLearning development companies and we are ready to transform your training initiatives into a more interactive and dynamic eLearning experience. Ours is a feature-rich and highly customizable LMS with features like Gamification and Blended Learning. Even if you have several departments within your organization with different needs on LMS, Paradiso LMS’s Multi-Tenant feature lets you host different and independent tenants in one LMS.

On the other hand, to track learners’ progress, Paradiso LMS has one of the best performance management and Advanced Reporting that would bring all the information you need to know and much more. You can also do appraisals, monitor workflow and even set learning plans.

Why choosing eLearning development companies?

Some would say that is better to hire your own programmer that will only do your company’s work, but having an experienced group of people working on your project, part of a reliable company and with all the human asset available for you to deploy your ideas is way better than just one mind, definitely


  • Reliability: If your programmer leaves or falls sick, you have to find another one, with a company you deal with a project manager who will make sure there is always somebody available to work on your projects.
  • Cost-effective: If you hire a developer, you have to test the developer’s work, whereas, with a company, the project manager will do the testing so you can save time and money. Through a company, instead of an individual, you get a team consisting of a project manager, tester, programmer and designer. If you need to make design changes, you can trust the company’s design team.
  • Robust Application: Each time a new developer touches your code, the possibility of a bug increases considering each developer has their own way of doing things.  When you work with a project manager, they can ensure that your code is consistent, even if they change developer. Years later, info is easier to obtain from a company that values your business relationship, when compared to a programmer who may disappear once paid.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Many companies, including Paradiso Solutions, are open to signing a Non-Disclosure-Agreement which will protect your intellectual property. Paradiso Solutions have many clients, both big and small. Their business is helping clients with technology solutions and they have no interest in stealing intellectual property or competing with clients.

Get in touch to avail some awesome eLearning services!

Making Paradiso Solutions your eLearning development company can bring many benefits

  • eContent developed using licensed eLearning tools
  • Use of copyright-free images and assets.
  • Outputs in CBT, FLASH, SCORM, HTML5 etc.
  • Feedback mechanism  ensures the client gets exactly what he wants
  • Dedicated graphics and instructional designers
  • Proprietary off-the-shelf course library
  • 5000+ online courses on dozens of subject areas  
  • SCORM & AICC compliant training courses
  • Multi-device friendly video courses.
  • Content optimized for the mobile learner
  • UI designed for ‘touch screen’ mobiles.
  • Coding of courses for swipe gestures on tablets and smartphones.

We would be glad to help you with any custom work, and any eLearning solution that you would need. Feel free to reach us any time. 

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