Elearning Industry - Christopher Pappas Reviews Paradiso Solutions.

Elearning Expert- Elaine Boyar Reviews Paradiso Solutions.

Elaine Boyar is well know as Elearning expert, researcher and consultant. She started doing eLearning implementation since 1995 when it was called CBT. She mostly does research and sometimes consultation in LMS space.
Elaine reviewed Paradiso Solutions LMS on its overall functionality, from being a Cloud based LMS, to Mutli-Tenacy to Integrations. This review was published on her blog on Friday, 30 October 2015.
All in all Elaine felt that Paradiso LMS was rich in features and hard to beat. She also mentioned that Paradiso LMS is highly customizable and full of great features, and can be adapted to the specific needs of the purchasing organization. Its user interface looks great, and the 100 plus integrations, multi-tenant features and gamification really make it one of the best LMSs around.

Click below to read the full review from the eLearning industry Expert herself – Elaine Boyar
Paradiso LMS Review: A Cloud-Based Multi Tenant Learning Management System

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