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Increase employee engagement in online training with Paradiso LMS

Keeping your employees interested and attentive in the proper development of training is a determining factor in the success of your online education initiatives. With different methods to impart the contents and tools that facilitate the process, you can bring high levels of employee engagement in online training to your company.

Employee engagement in online training will solve all the problems that you may have in your company regarding retention problems, paused-slowed down growth in the business or employees with no sense of purpose or belonging inside the company.

Retaining the best of your company’s human asset isn’t all about high costs or complex implementation methods. This matter, but the key to gathering an amazing group of talented people in your company is with employee engagement in online training.

To have happy and satisfied employees is not a guarantee that they will not be willing to accept new opportunities. For that, you need to have engaged employees who go beyond satisfaction to productiveness, commitment and loyalty.

How to detect disengagement happening in your workforce?

Is really important to count with dedicated HR staff that cares, accompanies and provides guidance to employees in their processes within the company. Also, pay attention to details like employee moods, increased absenteeism or rises in unproductive labour days to take immediate action.

Once in the training process, Paradiso’s LMS reporting tool plays a big part in guiding the learners for the right path by analyzing the data and resetting the learning programs according to the results.

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Paradiso LMS can help your company to increase employee’s engagement in online training

Our LMS platform counts with amazing features and functionalities that will not only bring high levels of engagement to your company but we will make sure that your employees won’t want to leave the Learning Management System.

To increase the employee engagement in online training you will have to ensure 3 essential premises:

Adaptive Learning

Build quality relationships among your employees:

Trust, fair treatment and recognition of achievements are some of the essentials of employee engagement. Providing access to online learning proactively demonstrates trust, fairness and it enables recognition. You trust employees to log in as needed without the oversight of a traditional instructor hovering nearby. You demonstrate fairness because a quality tool is available to everyone. And you provide recognition when you congratulate employees for course completions or training accomplishments with certificates, badges or awards programs like the ones in Paradiso LMS.

In addition, effective online learning supports managers as well as employees who aspire to leadership roles. It’s widely accepted that a top factor influencing employee engagement in online training is an employee’s relationship with their direct manager. Leading online training providers cover new manager skills, team-based skills, and executive level topics.

Create a strong learning culture and foster education:

Good managers, leaders who lead the processes and employee motivation are pillars of a strong corporate culture. Strong work culture is built on transparency and collaboration.

To build a strong culture share all the strategic Learning and Development plans as well as the reachable things when entering and completing the training programs. Including your employees in the decision making the process for the learning programs will grow belonging among them.

Offering online training demonstrates support for intrinsic motivation, the LMS tools can meet all individual learners necessities and allows trainers at all levels to present their course data in a transparent way. Specific course content helps managers to understand the learning culture and how to shape it in ways that support employee engagement in online training.

Provide growth opportunities for your employees:

Having a competency-based training strategy, with solidity and quality content, will help develop your brand as an employer and make your company more attractive for employees who seek to grow and continue to learn in the workplace.

The focused training provided by Learning and Development programs is very attractive and engaging for good professionals who intend to grow within their work field and increase their knowledge to stay current in the market.

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