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With an employee onboarding training software you will ensure the success of your company’s training activities

To train your employees properly you need to rely on the best employee training software, this will ensure the success of the training for new staff additions to your company and you can keep constant monitoring of the necessary learning process for onboarding.

An employee training software will allow you to merge the hiring process, which is probably carried out in HR software, with the onboarding inside the LMS. In this way, the information of both processes will be registered in the platforms, even allowing you to access information about the processes that your employees carry out in the LMS from the HR platform.

This is just one of the features that will make your onboarding of new employees process simpler and more secure.

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Training is a process that, if carried out in the right way, ensures the success and permanence of employees in your company. This, unquestionably, translates into better future income and savings, compared to face-to-face training that is often more expensive and culminates without the same success.

An employee onboarding training software has such extensive characteristics and integration possibilities that it will be able to have a global vision of all the eLearning processes within the company and each one you will be able to get advanced and customizable reports from each of these activities about the performance of your employees, activities completed within the LMS, performance of the platform, courses, among others.

Maintaining a team of employees committed to their work within the organization is vital for a good work environment and personal performance. Allowing employees to feel identified with your company, providing training systems that help them to ascend and maintain constant feedback on the processes helps to obtain better productivity from the employee, being this of great importance for the right performance of the employees, business objectives and of course, the increase in the company’s income.

To be successful in your training programs you must ensure that you have characteristics that ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of your training, these characteristics are:

  • Set an objective, with specific goals to achieve. With the help of learning path tools and competency-based learning programs.
  • Rely on a safe and adaptable platform that provides you with the right branding options, deep and complex possibilities of customization, flexibility and an easy to use interface among others.
  • Create tailored content, that adapts to the company needs, provides engaging tools that deliver a dynamic learning experience.
  • Make sure that the training gets the possibility to be delivered in multiple ways and different times. The mobile learning tools are a must-have for every LMS platform. Also, a customer training platform must allow online and offline training.
  • Implement a robust reporting feature, well developed, with customization options, filters, and safe data analytics.

Which features are the best to consider an employee onboarding training software?

  • Course Management: you can add/remove/edit courses. You also can choose from various activities to make your courses interactive and useful. The LMS for foreign language counts with a wiki, chat, forums, quizzes, surveys, assignments etc.
  • Advanced Analytics and Robust LMS Reports: The LMS dashboard provides easy access to the system information, enabling you to make the right decisions and gain insight into the data. Paradiso LMS reports is one of the best LMS for the foreign language that has a report builder to help you create custom and personalized reports and email them to relevant parties.
  • eLearning portals: you can employ customized branding for each department in your university, school, company or institutions. You retain centralized control but can still delegate certain functionality to each tenant.
  • Learning Paths: You can build Learning Paths according to the students’ needs, and provide a more effective eLearning process.
  • Competencies: Define the competencies that your students must achieve in order to develop specific skills.
  • Gamification: Create a sense of challenge, competition, and fun via a leaderboard for individual courses or the entire program. You can use badges and points as a great way to motivate your students.
  • Video conferencing: our eLearning software can be integrated with video conferencing platforms such as WebEx, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, Big Blue Button, Google Hangouts, etc . Get access to remote classes, webinars or online company events right from the Learning Management System platform.

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