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Expand your eLearning training programs with an extended enterprise LMS


Just as with an LMS, a successful extended enterprise requires more than technology to grow a thriving business. It needs the right combination of valuable content and channel marketing – as well as distribution technology. The benefits of implementing extended enterprise LMS include increasing the range of options in regards to customization, management, and accessibility for your clients.

By offering multiple customization options, your business will profit greatly from this implementation.
The implementation of extended enterprise LMS will assist you with your current business by providing diversity while also retaining all of your branches needs. The goal is to keep all your training needs in one single LMS solution.

An extended enterprise LMS keeps track of all users, content, and the relationship between the two. The organization can think of the extended enterprise’s benefits in three areas: revenue, reach and reputation. The extended enterprise avails an organization’s valuable educational content, attaches in distribution technology to resell courses housed in an LMS across multi-channels, and utilizes a focused sales and marketing strategy to extend the reach, revenue and reputation of the organization.

A training system, Extended Enterprise learning is targeted mostly towards sales representatives, external distribution partners, service technicians, franchises and customers who use your products and services. The goal of extended enterprise lms is to impact a measurable behavior change by giving training programs to customers and external employees. These training programs are specifically for products and services for employees as well as customers.


Personalization is a key part of an extended enterprise LMS and allows each tenant to upload their own color schemes and branding. If you use the LMS for various departments including channel partners, branches or vendors then an extended enterprise LMS may be of interest. A multi tenant LMS or extended enterprise LMS successfully gives you a number of different LMS platforms, for the price of one. The users of one tenant may not know that they are in a tenant, or that their tenant is part of a greater system of tenants under one extended enterprise LMS.

Training based on the use of the product

The extended enterprise LMS has the potential to reach multiple audiences through the same platform, and gives them specialized training experience based on their use of the product. It is an excellent opportunity for an extra training course for people who are not your direct employees, but need to be certified to work with your company product. While using multi tenant LMS employees or customers can grab the opportunity to have a specific corporate LMS and another extended LMS for employees such as sales representatives, service technicians as well as customers to become more familiar with your products or services.

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  • Create a specific work area for a department, a branch of your company or customer companies where users and courses can be assigned independently.
  • Tenants can have their own hierarchy.
  • The courses and content belong to a specific company or can be shared with selected companies.
  • Privacy between LMS extended enterprises.
  • Specific roles and permissions.
  • User segregation, course management and reporting capabilities for each tenant.
  • Lower cost of operation and an effective & affordable solution for organizations.


With an extended enterprise LMS, you can be sure that each branch of your company receives the same crucial training, delivered in the same way but through different tenants. A different tenant can be also given to each vendor, channel partner or contractor, for example, with their respective branding.

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