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Expand your eLearning training programs with an extended enterprise LMS

The extended enterprise LMS tool is designed to serve numerous clients and enable each client to customize the system to suit their training needs.

The feature was introduced du to the importance of comfort and security that companies might have when delivering training or sharing information providing an efficient and reliable software. With extended enterprise, your clients will be free to customize their eLearning platform to their own accord.

The benefits of implementing extended enterprise LMS include increasing the range of options in regards to customization, management, and accessibility for your clients. By offering multiple customization options, your business will profit greatly from this implementation.

The implementation of extended enterprise LMS will assist you with your current business by providing diversity while also retaining all of your branches needs. The goal is to keep all your training needs in one single LMS solution.

What is an extended enterprise LMS?

A multi-tenant LMS is a learning management system which serves various customers under just one LMS.

A single database is shared between all tenants, which makes reporting simple and quick. Personalization is a key part of an extended enterprise LMS and allows each tenant to upload their own branding and color schemes.

There is a “super-admin” which administers the entire extended enterprise LMS and each tenant can have its own admin with limited controls. An extended enterprise LMS also allows for each tenant to have their own access rights.

Why you should implement an extended enterprise LMS?

If your LMS is destined to be used by different departments, branches, channel partners or vendors then an extended enterprise LMS may be of interest.

A multi-tenant or extended enterprise LMS effectively gives you a number of different LMS platforms, for the price of one. The users of one tenant may not know that they are in a tenant, or that their tenant is part of a greater system of tenants under one extended enterprise LMS.

What they have is their own personalized learning environment within a multi-tenant LMS, which feeds into and draws from just one database.

How will work the reporting feature in extended enterprise LMS?

With a single database for a host of different tenants, reporting is easy as all of the information is in one place. Extended enterprise LMS is helpful to create advanced reports.

Extended enterprise LMS implementation comes with advanced reporting features. The federated LMS recognizes the extended enterprise and hierarchical divisions set within the site and tenant-specific reports provide the right information to the manager running them.

  • Company managers can control and obtain detailed reporting from users in their own company.
  • Extended enterprise reports are user completion overview report, course completion overview report, SCORM object reporting providing the breakdown of attempts for quizzes.
  • Comprehensive reporting system tailored to individual companies.

Paradiso extended enterprise LMS benefits:

  • Create a specific work area for a department, a branch of your company or customer companies where users and courses can be assigned independently.
  • Tenants can have their own hierarchy.
  • The courses and content belong to a specific company or can be shared with selected companies.
  • Privacy between LMS extended enterprises.
  • Specific roles and permissions.
  • User segregation, course management and reporting capabilities for each tenant.
  • Lower cost of operation and an effective & affordable solution for organizations.

With an extended enterprise LMS, you can be sure that each branch of your company receives the same crucial training, delivered in the same way but through different tenants. A different tenant can be also given to each vendor, channel partner or contractor, for example, with their respective branding.

Get the chance to experience the multiverse of eLearning by acquiring an extended enterprise LMS with Paradiso Solutions now.

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