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The use of flashcards in eLearning will increase engagement and retention in your users

The way in which we interact with information is a determining factor in our brain when processing and remembering information. Many of the traditional tools have been successfully adapted to virtual education to enhance the cognitive process. The use of flashcards in eLearning is one of them.

As in the analogue method, in eLearning the flashcards are an excellent learning method that helps to emphasize the content and contributes in making the eLearning process more enjoyable, creating exciting but also very useful learning experiences.

This, of course, combined with many other didactic elements can bring diversity and dynamism to the training process. Methods such as gamification, the use of multimedia material, the use of tools such as Zoom for video conferencing, blended learning, social learning, among many others are some of them.

How does flashcards in eLearning Management System work?

The Flashcards content type is a set of cards containing a picture on one side of the card and a corresponding text on the other side. The learner is asked to type a word or expression corresponding to the picture, before turning the card and revealing the correct answer.

How can the flashcards in eLearning be used?

The Flashcard tool can be used as a drill to help learners memorize words, expressions or sentences. Typical Flashcards provide a prompt on one side of the card, and an answer on the other side. In Flashcards content type, pictures are used as the prompt.

Flashcards in eLearning are often used in language learning for drilling words and expressions. Flashcards can also be used to present math problems or help learners remembering facts such as historical dates, formulas or names.

How does the Flashcards tool work in Paradiso LMS?

Steps to add or edit Flashcards

  • Step 1: Login to the LMS as an admin.
  • Step 2: Create a course or go to an existing course.
  • Step 3: Click on “Add Content” (activity) button under the “Topics” section.
  • Step 4: Click on “Miscellaneous” from the left navigation from the activity popup window, then select “Interactive Content” and Add this activity to your course.

Follow these steps once you are in the Add/ Edit Interactive content screen -h3

  • Step1: Enter your preferred name for the Flashcards activity.
  • Step 2: Enter a brief introduction for your Flashcards.
  • Step 3: Under the Action section, select “Create” and select “Flashcards” from the dropdown box
  • Step 4: Enter the interaction details and cards, adjust the settings from your Flashcards and click on save.

Flashcards editor

The Flashcards question editor should now appear. The top part of the editor looks like this:

The Flashcards content type consists of a Task description and a set of Cards.

Task description

The Task description is a static text displayed above the Flashcards throughout the entire set of cards.


  • Press the Add card button to add the first Flashcard.
  • You should now have something like this:

Note: Use pictures that are similar in size to ensure a smooth user experience for the learner.

More cards can be added in a similar way as mentioned above. You can add as many cards as you want.

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