Why the Flipped Classroom for K12 Helps?

Education is taking on a whole new meaning with the spread of the internet to distant corners of the world. The classroom has now become a room with no boundaries. Education has now become a true learning experience. Today, we are going to explain an introduction to the flipped classroom: what this is, benefits of using it, who are using it, and more related information.


What is a Flipped Classroom?

Educators have a new term that they need to become familiar with these days. This term is flipping the classroom. People are now talking about virtual education and about virtual classrooms.

What is this concept all about and how does it differ from the normal classroom. How can it help advanced learners and students in K12? Can a virtual teacher and virtual classrooms be good substitutes for the physical classroom?

Online learning can be made available for students of all ages. You may have heard of a virtual learning academy where teaching is mostly done online. Many higher education lms provide quality education. A K-12 lms caters to the needs of students.

Online learning for K-12

Students in the K12 class are advanced learners but they do need extra help and guidance. However, they are quite capable of learning on their own at home. This is why the ‘flipped classroom’ concept can be great for them.

These students need a lot of time as they have to study material to wade through. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had video lectures and PDF notes and books that they could study at home? They would then be in a better position to interact with the teacher in the classroom. This results in a far better learning and teaching experience.

This has lead to the development of the k12 learning management system. This provides students the right learning environment at home. The elearning k12 concept is not entirely new but it is evolving all the time. In fact, in this day and age the online learning has almost become a necessity. Most students have computers at home and they look forward to using them to learn. Teachers and educators should take advantage of this and prepare lessons for the virtual classroom.

Audio visual aids are powerful tools for learning as well as for teaching. People love to watch a video and this is why a video lecture can be a perfect method for delivering learning materials to K12 students. Imagine this feature on the topic of ‘cell division’ or ‘differential calculus’. It also provides a one-on-one experience. Students are not disturbed by what is going on all around them and this allows them to focus on the video lecture. This definitely provides a better learning experience.

Teachers also benefit from this virtual class. The teacher has more time in the classroom for individual students and their problems. He/she is able to focus on slow learners and guide them to perform better. Hence, flipping the classroom is a win-win situation for all concerned.

The Global Classroom

Nowadays, the flipped classroom is a learning activity now being used experimentally in different parts of the world. However, this is more likely to become the norm in the years to follow. It is only a matter of time before students all over the world become interconnected in one big global elearning classroom.

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