7 Steps to Flipping a Classroom in an Educational Organization

The concept of flipping the classroom is relatively a new term in online education that has become something of a buzzword in the last several years. Once the subject matter is understood, the classroom is used to do something with the acquired understanding. By applying this concept, the learning process is in the hands of the student instead of on the instructor, by learning at his or her own pace and the instructor becomes a guide.


Many teachers all over the world are starting to adopt this style of virtual environment, and for good a reason. Learning can be made more enjoyable, and discussions can become more substantial.


As a fitting and effective addition to this pedagogy, the computer-enhanced training strategies are usually employed. Through the use of the latest technologies, this process outside the classroom can be made more fun and convenient.


Assign a reading or video.

The most common and perhaps the simplest way to flip the classroom is by making the study materials available online. Assigning existing readings, videos, podcasts and other materials can also encourage independent learning.


Create interesting videos.

The teacher should utilize his or her skills in sharing knowledge by explaining concepts in short videos that can be uploaded and watched wherever the student may be. Through the audio-visual resource, the student can easily play, pause, and repeat it in order to better understand the subject matter. Be sure to decide on how to limit the length of the video. A maximum of five minutes, for example, could be set. Many good video examples can be found online at websites like TED Talks.


Set up a learning module.

A classroom management system can be set up in order to easily facilitate sharing of the study materials as well as of ideas from both the teacher and the students. Many LMS (eLearning) platforms are already available online.


Get some feedback.

In order to hold the students accountable for completing the pre-class assignments, they can be required to respond to series of quizzes or simple questions based on the concept discussed. Reflective questions can also be included at the end of the assignment.


Make use of different discussion platforms.

The discussion platform in a educational learning management system can be used to post questions. Better yet, the teacher can ask the students to post their own questions and attempt to answer other ones. Even the social media platforms that students visit today can be used to discuss different topics. Such activities encourage peer instruction and foster a collaborative environment.


Engage in application activities.

Within the classroom, students can check whether they have truly understood the subject through activities that require the skills they have acquired to develop. Case-based teaching, for example, can be applied here. In that setup, the students work together in small groups to analyze a problem, come up with their own solution, and evaluate other possible courses of action.


The teacher can spend the class time differently by helping and engaging individual students or groups.


Get out of the classroom.

Aside from using the Internet, teachers can moving the learning environment out of the classroom by actually going out. The flipping a classroom concept is more than making the study materials available online.


The instruction process can be made more exciting and enjoyable by visiting the local museums, playing games that require knowledge and use of the concepts learned, and going to the library and finding reading materials about the topic on their own, among many other activities.


This information is helpful for those who need to know how to implement the newly created “flipping a classroom” process, mainly in educational organizations.


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