Gamification in elearning

Why is Gamification in e-Learning So Famous?

‘A gamified course is worth a hundred non-gamified, plain, boring courses – Paradiso Solutions’. This ‘self-made-self-proclaimed’ quote holds absolute relevance, because it is a commonly observed behaviour that people tend to get bored easily, and more so when bombarded with plain information. To keep their interest piqued, it is important to provide information that keeps them occupied. Information that should be more of a dialogue, than a monologue. Something that is flooded with interesting graphics, infographics, videos, interactive videos and many more. This’ll ensure they remember most of the data.

The e-learning gurus couldn’t keep themselves shut from this fact, given they knew that the game of e-learning is ‘boring, long and listless’. Soon they cashed upon this aspect of ‘photo-memory’ being better, and gave it a new dimension by adding the elements of a live gaming to learning, i.e. They introduced the concept of gamification in e-learning.

Gamification in E-learning – A Look at the Facts!

Gamification in e-learning is not just wishful thinking. A few solid statistics back the growth and need for such a concept. Let’s have a look at some –

  1. 1. Around 75% of the digitally-aware people are gamers. Given that they’ve played digital games on their devices at some point or the other, gamification in e-learning would make total sense.
  2. 2. People are only able to recall 10% of what they read and 20% of what they hear. If there are visuals/images/infographics associated with plain text or an oral presentation, the retention percentage increases to 30%. Again a valid reason for gamification.
  3. 3. To take this further, in an ILT if the narrator is enacting as he speaks, the figure of how much the learners can recollect rises to 50%. Again the need for gamification.
  4. 4. Next, 80% of the learners said their productivity would increase if learning was more game-like. Gamification required again.
  5. 5. Also, over 60% of learners said they would be motivated enough if they had scores/points associated with leader boards/dashboards and if they could share it while competing with other students. Gamification exigency!

Gamification in E-learning? Is it really Needed?

So, how do we go about it? How does gamification of non-game elements is brought about, especially in the case of e-learning. Asking about whether it is needed or not, we can simply say, gamification takes boring out of the learning process and makes it fun and engaging. So, the first question is answered. Gamification in e-learning is the need of the hour, because engagement of learners is what is needed eventually. As a side benefit, gamification of e-learning helps the user in retaining information better.

Still not convinced about gamification being the game-changer in e-learning scenarios? Let’s do a small activity here – Think of your favourite movie and try recalling the story. We’re sure, you’ll remember it scene by scene and dialogue by dialogue! Reason? Simple! You saw the story being played. Let us re-iterate – you SAW the story being played. Now, try to imagine the entire story in a text-only format. Would you remember even a single dialogue? And how does the reading the story sound to you? Horrifying enough? It’s the same with watching a video versus reading text. Hence, the need for gamification! Sold? We’re sure you are!

The boundaries of learners have expanded, they are no longer satisfied with meagre training experiences. They are ready to take in experiences that bring in more quality into the limited time of his busy schedule. This justifies our title that asks the question on why gamification in e-learning is so famous and needed. Gamification surely is the next big thing in the e-learning domain, and it is high time that organizations adopt this method into their e-learning initiatives.

In this light, if you are looking out for an e-learning solution, namely an LMS, with the aspect of gamification ramified into it, then you should be getting in touch with us right away. Contact us Now!


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