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Thanks for attending our Live Webinar Gamification in Training

Thank you for the massive attention that we had in the webinar on Gamification in Training that took place this January 15th. It was a very busy session in which we could learn about the way to use gamification in corporate training and the benefits that this could bring for a company.

We counted with the presence of more than 30 users that we hope had a nourished session, with useful information and clear examples of how to integrate the gamification tool in corporate training.

The intention of this webinar session was mainly to enlight the users on the gamification tool in Paradiso LMS. For this matter, our CEO explained why is important to use gamification in training, what exactly is gamification and how it changes the way the users learn.

We cleared all the doubts referring to gamification in adult education and how it is different from the average games we can find in kids market. This means that the gamification in training is “the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts”.

Gamification points directly to the user’s emotions, with the use of badges, levels, points, challenges with rewards and every game dynamic that can trigger the emotions in the user. This will increase the engagement by getting the learners attention. Appealing directly to the psychology of the learner will result in a more productive training process.

It was also important to show how gamification has worked for companies and for that we showed the case of McDonald’s, that applied the use of gamification by adding a variation of a Nintendo console that would help their employees to learn the processes inside the food giant facilities. We made a video recording of this session so you can catch up with the details.  

To get further information about this and other topics schedule a demo with one of our LMS experts sending an email to [email protected]

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  • James Moore
    Posted at 17:30h, 18 January

    Thank you for providing such greatful and useful information. The gamification looks better day by day, thanks to this kind of spaces the companies can understand that the new era requires new rules, new ways, and methods.

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