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LMS Gamification

Thanks for Attending our LMS Gamification Webinar

Thank you for attending our webinar on LMS Gamification held on Tuesday, 5th July, 2016. We were thrilled by the attendance we had, let’s just say, “history repeated itself”! In the last webinar, we had people registering last minute and that had us flustered for getting the show up and running on time. This time we were prepared, and had made the necessary requirements, if people were to register last minute. Hence, the show was smooth sailing without any hiccups. The best part about the webinar was the question and answer session. The webinar also threw light on the real-time problems people face in LMS Gamification.

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We hope our experts answered your much-needed questions on LMS Gamification. For your convenience, we have provided you with the presentation slides and a video from the webinar presentation. To give you a summary, the one hour webinar was packed with the ins and outs of how you can implement LMS gamification in your training.

Sach spoke at length about the importance of adding gamification in non-game environments such as LMS. Not only that, he gave live examples of businesses like McDonald’s and SAP Community Network, that used gamification to train their employees effectively.

“Gamification is more than just playing games!” says, Sach Chaudhari!

And he went ahead to justify the above line by saying, “Gamification is not just about throwing in some badges and points and calling it a game. It’s about playing with the psyche of the learner. People love playing games and give it their 100% concentration when playing games. Period! Don’t believe us? Try this simple experiment! Try to distract somebody who is in the middle of the game, and check his reaction. What would he do? He’ll either ignore your interrupting him and continue playing the game or would get panicked by the sudden distraction. What does this imply? It simply means our minds are 100% involved when playing a game and isn’t ready for any distraction”.

Now, think about the same in case of learning ecosystem. Imagine you are playing a learning game and, after finishing 3 levels, all of the sudden you are asked a question. Will you know the answer? Definitely you will, because you had your 100% attention going throughout the 3 levels. And would you forget the correct answer of that question? Never! Bottom line, gamification demands 100% concentration, while promoting retention and recall of information by the learners.

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