Gamification of Education

How can Gamification of Education help with Learning Engagement?

Elearning Gamification  is widely misconceived to be the action of playing games when it actually means applying the ingredients that make games addictive and engaging into the digital technologies such as virtual classrooms, corporate training, and LMS platforms. (or gamification of education)

Slide1The trick is to know its limits, make informed decisions on its application and explore different possibilities and tools some of which are: Badges, points, competition, rewards, leaderboard,  social – shares, and simulations.

Educational institutions have noticed that with a digital engagement model, motivation through gamification can be packed into a device or a Learning Management System to engage an audience of any size while reducing costs. The game industry is one of the biggest in the market even bigger than the music and movies industry. Games are everywhere in our lives now, as they have been integrated with social media, apps, phones and other platforms. gamification of education


Some would think that gamifying education is not a good idea but there is a lot of power in making the learning processes fun and entertaining. As Anthony Zolezzi, Creative Director of Greenopolis and educator of sustainability states “I really believe if we can start rewarding people and making them feel good about their actions, there will be more of them (students) and we can make a difference”. So, why shouldn’t  you consider gamification if it is proven it increases collaboration and individual achievements?

If you see video game players, they start playing a new game and probably fail within five minutes, next thing you see is they trying again and failing after 10-15 minutes, then they repeat that same process all over again until they finally solve the puzzles to get to the next level, and master the game. Then ask yourself, why can’t that happen in chemistry or physics?


How can Paradiso Solutions help to your eLearning Strategy?


We as a software company, focus on eLearning for both the education and corporate training sector. We allow any LMS to add a gamification layer, tack points, achievements, and other gamification functionality to your eLearning platform. With or solutions students can motivate themselves all the way through the learning processes. We have developed many Learning Management systems and included some of the most effective ingredients to them.

Here are some examples of the solutions we offer within LMS leading eLearning open source platforms in the world:

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