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Engage your employee training programs with Gamification Training tools

By definition, Gamification Training is the use of game logic and mechanics in non-game contexts to engage and motivate learners in solving problems. This dynamic but efficient tool will add engagement at a level that the users will not want to stop learning ever.

Studies have proven that on average 70% of the employees of a company are disengaged from their work. Also, in contrast to this, it has been identified that 75% of eLearning users would be more engaged if learning included gaming dynamics.

When we talk about gamification we are appealing to a psychological part of the users, where creativity and dynamism are fostered with the use of games in different cognitive levels to impart knowledge. Some of the most common gamification training techniques include leaderboards, badges, avatars, level utilization, challenges, and rewards.

Having implemented the gamification training feature among the eLearning programs of any company will increase in a 60% the level of engagement, boost the motivation of your trainees, enhance the productivity up to 50% and throwback excellent performance feedback.

Gamification Training Capabilities

  • Course content and resources may be shared with the students as a part of a quest. A storyline may be developed in order to gamify even the release of resources.
  • The educators or the site administrator can assign different restricted access settings for each user whenever quests get completed. Conditional activities can also allow each student to proceed differently through the course. Different score ranges can branch off to activities of different difficulty levels. Other activities may also include group work. Groups or guilds, for example, can be formed in order to get students to work together.
  • Typical grading can be replaced with an alternative rewards system. The system can even take note of the skills and attitude of the students, and not just their grades. The leaderboards or scoreboards, for example, can display the highest scores as well as the immediate higher and lower scores of direct competitors. Through games, challenges and other social tools can be implemented.
  • Each game or activity can get a number of points. These course completion activities, as well as the grades of the students, can be used to create an overall ranking.
  • The leaderboards can be used for competitions. At the end of the course, the overall scores may be tallied and the educator may even opt to give out a prize.
  • Content or information that requires the completion of certain tasks, for example, can be hidden and revealed through the restricted access settings.

How does Gamification Training work?

Applying game dynamics to your training

Conventional learning can be very boring when it feels like learning for the sake of it. By employing game mechanics as part of your learning strategy you are injecting fun into the training. This, in turn, makes the learner more likely to remember what he or she has learned, and less likely to abandon their training.

Enhance your courses with Gamification Training

Paradiso Solutions understands that gamification can truly enhance the learning experience for learners as a complement to traditional instructor-led training.

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Gamification Training and Social Learning

Gamification integrates with Paradiso LMS’s social tools so that learners can share their achievements, such as badges and leaderboard ranking. They can also start discussions, work together on joint challenges and send private messages.

Gamification Training and team working

Working towards a common goal with team members is immensely satisfying, and encouraging cooperation helps learners to retain the knowledge and feel more engaged with the material.

Gamification Training via mobile

Gamification, combined with mobile learning, gives trainers the freedom to progress with their training anywhere they want. This freedom encourages learners to act alone when necessary, and at their convenience.

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