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In the course of time, the education system has shifted from learning in the classroom to learning in cyberspace. Learning Management Systems(LMSs) were created as a response to the need for a suitable platform to facilitate learner’s interaction in a technology-based environment. 

With the massive change in learning, providing learners with quality content is not just enough. Requirement of a learning platform embedded with gamified LMS with game mechanics in the course is the need of the hour. There’s no longer an all purpose approach to learning, nowadays training is delivered in a tailored way to each learner, making learning more personalized. 

Benefits of Gamified LMS

Gamified LMS has shown an increase in learner’s engagement,  performance, and made more social connections than standard course settings. In layman’s terms, an LMS can be explained as a system automating the administration, tracking, and scoring of a specific course or training, with common  LMS features being content access, content development, and assessment systems available to users amongst other things. Competition is one factor contributing to the gamified learning management system and promotes energetic and motivational responses during the completion of courses or training. 

Motivating and creating engaging environment

Gamification is the use of game mechanics and design within nongame environments to create solutions to problems and create motivations for the participants. The foundation of the learning management system gamification relies on engaging and motivating learners by applying game principles to engage with the system and make it a more enjoyable experience for them.

Paradiso promotes gamified learning management systems to exhibit the achievability of the idea of gamification within an LMS. This process combines features found within LMS, such as discussion boards and content management, along with gaming concepts. Eventually creating an engaging environment for the learners and provide motivation to interact with the system.    

There are more than one reason why games are catered to learners, but the underlying reason is essential so that it fulfills or satisfies a certain intrinsic need of learning. Due to the myriad of ways games appeal to players and while developing a gamified LMS, it is important to focus on the content. These games motivate and engage learners and instill a sense of achievement in them. 

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Customization is the key

Customization is a powerful tool for increasing commitment and engagement. It can be used in e-learning as a motivating feature or even as a reward. Content developers can allow learners to choose their own background, font-type or avatar, adding value to their experience. Learners can have some customization options, but they shouldn’t become overwhelming. 

Take for example, the leaderboard is a kind of scoreboard that exhibits learners’ outcomes from top to bottom. However, no one likes to be on the bottom of the scoreboard, so different approaches may be used for the learners. One good approach is to provide multiple leaderboards for each activity and a cumulative leaderboard for all activities or using a no-disincentive leaderboard. 

Leaderboard being one of the features in gamified lms is commonly used in social networks and revolves around the player or learner. It doesn’t matter how many points a learner has, there are usually a few learners with a better score and a few learners with a lower score, that can be displayed on top/bottom relative to his position to motivate him. 

Features of Gamified LMS

Online-game approach has not only improved the learners’ achievement and attitudes but also placed them in a learning state with full concentration, involvement, and enjoyment. It has also improved their performance in terms of perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness. Gamified LMS commonly feature badges, quests, points and rewards, social media sharing, and leaderboard to support and engage learners to complete their courses. 

Badges and leaderboards

In terms of designing the system through gamified LMS, an ideal way of personalizing the LMS tools is by carrying out achievements and promoting motivations to the learners for accomplishing their tasks. This creates an built-in push for the learners to complete the tasks assigned to them. 

 The simplest and most efficient way of implementing this is through the usage of badges and leaderboards. Badges  act as a source of pride and motivation for learners whereas leaderboards help track the progress of learners and make it visible for everyone to see. This results in forming an intrinsic need for them to compete. 

Instructional Feedback 

Considering gamified learning management systems, feedback is one of the most straightforward and important game mechanics. Feedback is equally important for games as for e-learning systems. Learners need to know if they are heading in the right direction. Feedback opportunities should be provided throughout the whole learning experience and not just on its end. 

Similarly, gamified LMS systems allow its learners freedom to fail. Learning from mistakes and previous experiences is a powerful learning tool. Paradiso LMS provides multiple attempts in quizzes and tests whenever possible. After a failed attempt, learners should receive positive instructional feedback and be encouraged to try again after some time. 

Apart from these, gamified lms also offers benefits for team building, knowledge retention improvement, experiential learning for the business. 

Wrapping up

With eLearning being acquired virtually as the future and gen z favoring mobile and gamified interfaces over conventional content, the LMS market is booming for sure. While instructors and content developers use gamified LMS to simplify and personalize content at very high rates, their success, and desire for additional functionality, shows that further investment in this space will be a defining element of future LMS tools. 

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