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Get the most out of your open-source LMS and get going with your eLearning initiatives now!

Most educational institutions like universities, schools or long-distance education academies prefer the implementation of open-source LMS for their virtual campuses or even entire programs that can be delivered through this amazing platform.


But why are these institutions choosing to have a platform that is code-free and what kind of advantages does it represent for both managers and students? Well, let’s dig deep into the most remarkable benefits that you can get when acquiring an open-source LMS.


  • It’s ready to use

Open-source LMS is easy to get going from the word go. The best part? There is a wealth of “how-to” documents and support tutorials provided to assist in the usage. They deliberately keep the navigation is easy so that the visitors could quickly find the information that interests them, without the potentially frustrating “hunt.”


  • Developed with simpler UI and better UX

Open-source LMS has a UI that is simple yet robust in terms of features and capabilities. Besides ease of use, the UI is navigation friendly and logical. Usually, open-source LMS portray a familiar UI with interface elements acting in a certain way, i.e. they try to be consistent and predictable in their choices and layout.


  • Provision of Instant Results

An Open source LMS can provide instant feedback to the learners. To cite an example, if a learner has to take a test and is practising for that, he can enter his responses to the questions, and the open-source LMS will immediately tell him whether his response was correct or not. It goes a step further and also the potential reasons for the wrong answer.


  • Provides Access to the Entire Software Code

Open-source LMS gives the freedom of owning the entire source code. Code is that part of the software that is on the backend, and the users don’t ever get to see. It’s the programmers who can manipulate the code to change how the software looks on the front end. By bringing about changes in the code, one can improve the software by adding a few features to it or fixing parts that don’t always work correctly.


  • It allows more control over the software

Open-source LMS is the preferred option for many, as they have more control over what they want or don’t want from the software.


Open Source LMS is also suitable for the corporate sector


The corporate sector also gets many great benefits with the open-source LMS that proves to be one of the most essential tools for eLearning professionals. Most of the times, what they need is a robust and versatile LMS that can accommodate their eLearning development needs, for which an open-source LMS serves the purpose. 


It helps companies and organizations create and deploy eLearning courses quickly, especially if they are willing to take the time to master all of its features. Many times, it happens that an open-source LMS comes along with a learning curve, however, the eventual cost-savings, the adaptability, integration capability and design freedom are all worth it in the end. This is the best summary of the pros and cons of an open-source LMS for corporate


Other remarkable benefits of open-source LMS for corporate are:


  • Development time and cost are drastically reduced.
  • Enhanced portability makes it much easier to migrate from one server to another (e.g. migrating from one OS/Hardware Setup to another).
  • Availability of quick fixes and feature enhancements.
  • Complete flexibility for meeting a wide variety of specific needs.


Why choosing Paradiso Open-source LMS?


We focus all of our efforts to continually enhance all of our processes to understand and meet all of your business needs as open-source software customization is required. We are a unique custom software development company with the most experienced team ready to provide you with custom software development services; our fully satisfied clients have said it themselves.


Our experience allows us to understand our clients business and goals in order to deliver the best results, choosing the most appropriate technology and user interface design to custom tailor your needs. We assure you and all of our clients, any custom software developed by us will increase your business value. Our strength resides in extending Open Source Customization services to various products and fulfilling our clients’ requirements.


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