Give your eLearning initiatives a great start your with WordPress LMS

Do you know the benefits that WordPress can offer you as an e-Learning platform? WordPress is an open-source software used in 26% of all websites in the world and in more than 30% of electronic stores. Since a few years ago, WordPress is also known as WordPress LMS, letting your site become an eLearning provider by using different add-ons and / or themes.

Global trends show a growing interest in the use of WordPress LMS it could be said that is one of the main Open Source options to launch an online training platform. Let’s see what reasons should help you decide on an LMS e-Learning solution that includes the WordPress LMS integration:

1. Sale and implement your courses without leaving your environment and corporate style

If your company or institution’s site is made in WordPress, using it for e-Learning training will allow you to maintain your corporate image without major changes or developments. It also means cost savings in case you need the LMS to communicate with your website or e-commerce platform, either because you sell the courses or because they are users of an extranet or intranet made with WordPress.


2.Freedom to change administrators

Using WordPress LMS you will not be as tied to the company or staff that set it up as LMS. There is an increasing number of qualified professionals in WordPress, which gives you total freedom to change administrators. In addition, once the initial configuration and installations are completed, maintenance can even be carried out easily by the organization’s staff, with much less expensive training and a much faster learning curve than in other LMS, such as Moodle.


3.Scalability and customer adaptation

WordPress LMS can adapt more easily to your needs, including only the functionalities you need to lower the costs of initial deployment and subsequent maintenance. This advantage also applies to the scalability of the project since, although we start with the most basic functions, we can always add new possibilities and customize your LMS without the need to migrate the data, which means a considerable saving of costs and time.


4.User experience

The usability in WordPress LMS could be much more intuitive than in any other open-source LMS. WordPress LMS is also fully adaptable to mobile devices and whenever we generate content within WordPress or using appropriate eLearning tool you can provide a great eLearning experience in terms of availability


5.Data and reports on learning activities

Until recently, LMS platforms in WordPress were quite weak in terms of their ability to record and extract data from learning progress. However, today the best WordPress LMS solutions are fully compatible with the Tin Can API (Experience API) standard, an evolution of the SCORM.

For example, Paradiso LMS takes the report feature to the next level with advanced and fully customizable reports. This will not only serve as a way to analyze and refocus your eLearning programs but also track data from the platforms activity, behaviour and manu other customizable options to improve every bit of the eLearning process.

This is just one of the many features, integrations and capabilities of our own Paradiso LMS makes it one of the best open-source LMS that can improve your eLearning programs. Paradiso open-source LMS is the game-changer in the LMS market, presenting some fantastic features like gamification or multi-tenancy while also supports SCORM, TinCan xApi or AICC compliance.

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