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Paradiso presents GURU Chatbot, the perfect Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that facilitates the Learning experience

A chatbot is an excellent artificial intelligence tool in the LMS that would facilitate your experience with the LMS and also would bring support and would help you access to the documentation faster. For virtual education, it’s essential to be able to overcome the face-to-face barrier and even increase it with the help of technology. GURU Chatbot is the wise ally of Paradiso LMS that is available to help users with any concerns that arise during the eLearning process.

By having a tool that understands what users ask and answers their questions immediately, training processes are more agile and effectiveness increases. One of its main advantages is the high availability and fastness with which it responds to the doubts about the operation of the platform.

GURU Chatbot has a considerable value for the implementation of Paradiso LMS in your company or institution because it will be a strategic partner for administrative assistants, it will help in the response capacity of project managers, it will provide instant access to relevant settings for the administrators of the platform, it will increase the dedication time with the LMS platform, will be useful to track the access of users, among other benefits.

At Paradiso Solutions, we are changing to provide a better user experience. With the implementation of artificial intelligence tools in different LMS processes, we seek to bring users closer to our platform and build a constant relationship with them. The multiple options offered by artificial intelligence can develop highly intuitive tools that enhance the responsiveness and support of our LMS.

GURU Chatbot is one of the tools powered by artificial intelligence that we have implemented in the new version of Paradiso Learning Management System. With GURU Chatbot all issues related to the operation of the LMS Platform will be solved in seconds and even, as a relationship develops between the user and the Chatbot, the artificial intelligence that it manages can collect information about the FAQ’s, predict future doubts and give the user personalized support at unprecedented levels.

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