How to choose an lms for your company

Updated 2021 new strategy guidelines on how to choose an LMS

An LMS is a web-based software package designed to plan, implement and evaluate learning, facilitate student interaction, give performance feedback and manage students’ activities. One of the important elements while choosing the best LMS is the ability to optimally improve the learning quality and implement an interactive learning system.

Every LMS has a different criteria and to make a choice of which LMS to use, every criterion needs to be observed according to the needs of the users along with the course. The first step is to think about the requirements of the user and their required courses. Next is to consider the objective for which the LMS is developed, and the third is to ensure that the LMS is user-friendly, flexible, and able to integrate with other systems that helps students with managing their learning and personal needs.

Avoid shiny lights and gadgets

It’s too easy to get deflected by the ‘shiny lights and gadgets’ than to think what is really important for your new LMS and is it making a difference to your organization? With hundreds of software platforms to choose from, choosing a learning management system can be a daunting experience. Paradiso has come up with a selection strategy that will guide you on how to choose an lms best suited for your organization. 

To begin with, ask yourself the below five questions to narrow down your requirements

Who wants the LMS?

It’s a very well known fact that one LMS has a feature that the other doesn’t. Apart from it, you should also consider:

  1. Whether your employees will use that functionality
  2. How will your IT infrastructure support it?
  3. The LMS that you will select will be seamlessly integrated into your system or not

End users:

If your employees are dissatisfied with the current LMS ask them why aren’t they taking full advantage of the LMS or is the content not relevant or is it hard to navigate? Often overlooked, they need to be prioritized. It is important to know the perspective and objections of the user group that will guide you on the obstacles your organisation is likely to encounter.


It is often their responsibility to drive the LMS, once up and running to drive the system efficiently. This has a huge impact on performance and productivity improvement, so make sure while you choose an LMS, administrators requirements are taken into consideration . 

Sales team:

Your sales team may want a certain feature which isn’t available in the current LMS and is desired to be an important factor to resources at team level. For instance, your sales team may require a leaderboard feature which your current LMS isn’t constituted with. 


Think carefully in terms of the use cases you want to support rather than drawing up a feature wishlist when you choose an LMS. Your marketing team will require an lms to help with branding. 

TIP: Try going through case studies of how others have solved their challenges related to LMS.  

How much control do you want?

Every organisation has different needs concerning LMS. A pre-configured setup is sufficient to some, while others might need a substantial authority of control over everything right from branding to user interface design along with the ongoing support.  

Things to consider in terms of control are branding, user experience, cost, range of blended learning design. Furthermore, you also need to consider stability concerning whether the LMS is reliable, stable or updates are tested thoroughly preceding any kind of release or not. Can the included features be switched on/off as per the need is also an important factor to be thought off?

How much is the scalability of the chosen LMS

Ensuring your LMS is economically and technically scalable will save organisations from major fall down. Considering future growth in business, you may go on to open a new office. Your LMS should be scalable enough to sustain such advancements in the company. Furthermore your needs are not going to be limited. Queries concerning whether your LMS will be reliable enough to be regularly updated with the technological innovation or not should also be your primary concern. 

TIP: To facilitate workflow transparency, chosen LMS should enable seamless integration with your current system. 

How about moving into the cloud?

You are in need of an LMS but may not be in a position to fully support a solution while choosing an LMS. For such a situation, an Open SaaS model in the cloud can be a great option to be favoured. The speed, flexibility, and feasible cost of getting a set up can be an appealing prospect to organisations. Paradiso cloud based LMS helps you achieve these benefits and are ready to upgrade if the organization is ready to upgrade for a fully supported solution. 

Moreover, if you think to expand your LMS, you need to be clear on required systems integration, number of staff you can dedicate on this project, get hold of stakeholders particularly IT and communications members. 

TIP: Don’t get tied into a purely cloud-based vendor which can prove to be just as inflexible as an enterprise solution. 

Get your head in the OPEN

Opting for an open source LMS implies you have more control over the future of your platform. You are not being tied in to the vendor’s desire to inhibit the features they want, the power is now in your hands. The beauty of Paradiso open source network is that the experts across our community can come together to influence the roadmap of the product to give customers more control over the LMS. It’s cost effective and gives users the support of a wide network of learning and technology experts. 

TIP:  Open source is the best choice if you want to retain control and have more influence over the long term development of your platform.


While winding it up for you, look into all the above-mentioned options before purchasing the best LMS. Consider going for a free demo to avoid a costly trial at a later stage. Engrave yourself into a bit of research and evaluation, and opt for the best LMS which is simple, straightforward for the administrators as well as the learners.

Paradiso LMS is an easy to use, feature-rich, fully customizable cloud-based LMS for Corporations and Educational Institutions. Its functionality and innovative technology makes it the best LMS in its class and in the eLearning market. 

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