How to Distinguish Between an Authoring Tool and LMS

How to Distinguish Between an Authoring Tool and LMS?

We all know how the learning techniques are revolutionizing. Many industries have shifted their offline learnings to eLearning modes. Undoubtedly the online learning methods are gaining pace because of its convenience and feasibility. Industries are choosing LMS (Learning Management System) to flourish in the market. But all of this will go waste if you do not have a diverse content library. This is where an authoring tool plays a vital role. Let’s understand in depth how content authoring tools differ from Learning Management System.   

What Is a Content Authoring tool?

 As the name suggests, content authoring tools are used to develop content which can be in text form or in the video, images and pdf format. An authoring tool is a software that helps in developing digital content and eLearning material. An organization can use this tool within their team to build courses, modules, training and micro learning nuggets.   A good learning authoring tool would have features like mobile responsiveness, interactive content, screen recording, and SCORM compatibility.. If you want to know more about SCORM click here 

What is Learning Management System  

Learning Management System is an online platform that organizes and stories all the eLearning content at one place so that the organization can access it anytime from anywhere. LMS are also important as they provide learning modules and can track the progress of your learning experience.  Also, rewards such as badges and certificates can be drawn after successful completion of LMS. It gives the administration and learner a clear overview of the success.  Some of the fascinating features of an LMS are: 

  • Content library or playlist of courses 
  • Providing a subscription plan to inform of the new advancements 
  • Social learning 
  • Gamification 
  • Recommending Learning Paths based on the interest of the learner 

If you are looking for an LMS then a feature-rich system like Paradiso LMS would cater to all your needs

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The pace of using eLearning is increasing and so is the demand of authoring tools and learning management systems. Before making a choice, you should be well informed about the advantages, they will bring to you.

1. Reduce Time and Cost The best reason for choosing an LMS and authoring tool is that it saves a lot on the cost and time of a company. With a fully functional LMS, employees can be onboarded without any hassle. No amount is wasted on place, equipment and trainers as a wider audience can learn from a single platform multiple time.

2. Boost Engagement and Motivation LMS uses many interactive elements such as advanced quizzes, videos and social learning which helps in engaging people. Also, the timely interactions give them a sense of competition and the certificate is a form of reward. This makes them accomplish tasks with efficiency and learning effective.

3. Budget Friendly We all know that a lot of time is invested in making good learning content. But with the latest advancements and trends the content also needs to be updated. You will save a lot of time and money if you have a content authoring tool which will update the content.

Which One to Choose? LMS or Authoring Tool

The combination of both of them works best when used in an organization. However, you need to first find what your organization needs. If you are looking for an LMS then a feature rich system like Paradiso LMS would cater to all your needs. It can be easily integrated with our content authoring tool- Paradiso Composer to give seamless and effective learning experience. The interactive cloud-based technologies are the best fit for any industry. They LMS has an open-source feature making it highly customizable to align with your brand requirements.

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