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Impact of covid-19 on education to untape potential of e-learning.

Impact of  COVID-19 on Education

The impact of Covid-19 on education has compelled many educational institutions to maintain social distancing as well as cancel classes, examinations, and choose an online mode for education. The crisis crystallises the dilemma educational institutes are facing between closing schools and keeping them open. Teaching is moving online and its collaboration with the educational community has begun. It is estimated that there is a 55% increment in LMS community list on an unprecedented scale whereas assessments for students are also moving online, with a lot of trial and uncertainty for everyone. These interruptions will not just be a short-term issue, but can also have long-term impact for the affected cohorts. 

As per reports, adoption of online learning has increased with a considerable number of students with enrollment of 3600%+ increment in LMS users globally. Deviating towards online is much more than converting class written notes into PDFs or availability of video lectures and e-books. Digitized learning content has to be contextualized and ‘byte-sized’ to make it engaging, crisp and understandable. Although there is no substitute for social interactions throughout academic exchanges it is possible to make e-learning user-friendly through customization and integration with a learning management system. 

Educational institutes are slowly and steadily moving towards the distance learning mode to nail down educational continuity for its students. The transition to remote teaching and learning can be as seamless as possible with the right LMS partner. According to experts, LMS has marked its place as a global learning platform with an increase in global sign up nearly to 200%. 

Before advancing further, you can proceed to read our LMS features blog to get a crystal clear idea on precise features of an LMS that alienates with any institution’s goals. In these times of distress like COVID, LMS comes with unbelievable benefits and helps stay connected while delivering remote instructions.


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What does it bring to the table?

Online education during COVID-19 pandemic is no more restricted to one-way communication. Through LMS, educational institutes can bring personalized learning to life. Features such as whiteboard tools, multi-point videos, forums, advanced reports make the class energetic, delivering an ultra learning experience. With 225M+ voice calls, 130M+ chats, 200M+ emails received and delivered by LMS providers globally, the impact of COVID-19 on education has slowly turned this chaos into an opportunity.

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