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Engage your users and increase retention with Instructor Led Training programs in your LMS

If you are looking for a perfect blend of learning with interaction, virtual instructor-led training programs are ideal for you. It provides you with the benefits of both face-to-face classroom learning and online learning and doesn’t allow you to miss your old classroom learning while the programs are virtual.

There are so many benefits of instructor-led training that makes it perfect to provide employee training or any kind of training. These kinds of pieces of training are primarily used in the sectors like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, finance, and the sectors that demand highly trained personnel.

What is instructor-led Training?

Instructor-led training is commonly known as ILT, which an instructor facilitates. This training could be online as well as in the classroom. It allows for on-site practice of the skill or virtually using video conferencing tools. For companies that need to train on complicated topics, required face-to-face interaction, or require hands-on interactive learning, ILT is an ideal option.

This kind of training allows you to encourage interaction and discussion among the employees and connects learners with instructors which is valuable for training companies. ILT can be adjusted into different learning styles and includes multiple methods of learning.

The instructor-led training program allows you to shift from traditional setups of learning to virtual sessions. It has helped move out from the physical form of a room for training to virtual, do away with pen and paper, spreadsheets which are all managed by an LMS. Because of ILT, you can train people on a much larger scale.

Benefits of instructor-led Training

In every organization different type of learning is necessary in order to train on different skills and to address issues with remote and disparate work locations. Therefore, we need a strong comprehensive approach to learning that can provide a myriad of solution. ILT is a platform that comes with interactive experience that nothing can replace. It keeps learners engaged and provide blended learning that brings instructor expertise directly to learners and provides learning opportunities which is highly effective in terms of knowledge retention. Instructor led training programs can help meet the learning and development challenges in the following ways:

  1. Flexible Training Programs:
    Instructor-led training programs can be preplanned, scheduled, and communicated to learners in advance. There is no limit to the number of groups or the location of trainees. Groups can be categorized based on different criteria like function, role, location and can plan the training sessions. Organizations can conduct multiple sessions, and we can view them in the future. Additionally, onboarding, training, and merging into the mainstream becomes easy and fast for new employees with instructor-led training programs that incorporates.
  2. Creates An Immersive Learning Experience:
    Instructor-led training encourages the real-time participation of the learners. The learners are active participants who can ask questions, collaborate with peers, and discuss stories relevant to the topic. They can also practice every newly acquired skill via interactive video simulations and other related activities. It makes learning more exciting and motivating with deeper discussions, live interaction with the trainer, clearing doubts quickly. Feedbacks are quick, and this boosts confidence among learners.
  3. Compliments the Virtual Classroom Feature:
    Whether for one-on-one lessons, presentations, or webinars, this training programs can be held in a virtual classroom platform in LMS. It helps employees or students to collaborate and engage while learning. Real-time engagement supports social learning encouraging a more defined relationship with the trainer or the teacher. It provides all the features that don’t let you miss your traditional classroom learning.
  4. Blends With Different Styles of Learning:
    People have different learning styles, and instructor-led training blends the best of both classroom learning and eLearning. An LMS combines the support of classroom learning with the flexibility of online education. Blended learning through VILT combines classic face-to-face classroom methods with computer-based activities. It also helps in product training for your employees. The real-time training encourages better engagement between trainers and trainees and saves a lot of time and money for both the provider and the receiver.
  5. External Partner Training:
    Customers or partners are external to your system, and they are crucial for your business’s development. Their engagement is necessary to train them in your product or have improvements in your product. Instructor-led training helps a company, its internal employees, and external participants to coordinate, learn, execute and reach a common goal for which they are striving. In addition, it helps do away with any communication gaps between internal and external participants.


Paradiso LMS provides a cost-effective learning experience to learners and organizations in real-time. It offers more than just clear communication between learners and instructors. While it can further create an immersive learning experience for learners, it also promotes collaboration between them. Paradiso LMS gives the flexibility to conduct training online anytime and can access it from anywhere. Virtual Instructor-Led Training is an essential feature in Blended Learning and provides the right blend in virtual learning and does not let you miss the old classroom learning. Paradiso Solutions delivers the best LMS platform for Instructor-Led Training in your organization.

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