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Interactive Videos Have Just Gone Viral! Here’s Why

Let’s cut straight to the chase, people are getting bored of information being bombarded on to them daily. This is mainly because the routine information is plain, stale and irrelevant. Let’s extrapolate this aspect of onslaught of lifeless information to people who are learners… think of the level of boredom they’ll face while at it… And we’ve not even broached the topic of e-learning yet.

Having said that people dread drudgery; appeal, allure and amuse are the new catchwords. Everything around needs to ‘catch the eye’. And when it comes to e-Learning, the scene is no different. ‘Catching the eye’ of the elearner is what everyone in the e-learning domain is trying to master. Some are doing a good job at it, while many are failing.

E-learning? Boring…? Who Said?

Piquing interest of the elearner is not a big deal, because one simple thing that needs to be remembered is that the learner should constantly be kept engaged i.e., throughout the time he’s learning, the aim should be to keep him glued to learning. To put it in other words, learning should be more of a two-way process, where it should interact with the learner. So to say, it should be interactive and more of dialogues than monologues. And what could serve the purpose better than videos. Hence, interactive videos!

Howdy, Interactive Videos!

The USP of interactive videos is its interactions, both, graphical and narrative. It’s these interactions of the interactive videos that up the engagement factor for the learners. The interactions are brought about by the addition of immersive interactive elements such as images, elaborating text, links, quizzes, questions, calculations, lead generation forms and many more to the video itself. Any type of video can be made interactive, tailor made to the T, with almost limitless interactions plugged in.

These interactions appear as hot spots, that pop up while the learner watches the video. This serves as an opportunity for him to not just watch, but to click, swipe and otherwise engage in the video-watching process. If a response is not provided or is (in case of questions) incorrect, the video won’t proceed. Hence, in interactive videos, user participation is a must. Remember, earlier in the write-up was a mention of keeping the learner engaged.

Interactive Videos, Show us Whatcha Got?

Speaking of features, interactive videos comes jammed with them. Enlisting a few here.


Questions/quiz can be added at various points in the interactive videos. Questions asked could be single, stand-alone types or they can be used in multiple choice question sets. Besides, questions could take other forms like fill in the blanks, interactive summaries, mark the words and various other drag and drop text. For answering the questions, the interactive video creator can set as many options as answers as he wants.

Drag and Drop Features

There are a hoard of drag and drop features that can be added to the interactive videos. To cite a few examples, the drag and drop interactive aspects include the addition of labels, texts, tables, links, images, statements, fill in the blanks, single and multiple choice answer sets. The best takeaway is that every drag and drop aspect of the interactive video can be modified to match your requirements. These drag and drop features appear as clickable hotspots on the interactive video slides, or can be seen as red or blue dots on the timeline of the video.


Bookmarking is the feature that helps the learner jump directly to the specified point on the video. This helps the learner sort through videos, or go directly to a specific section. To open the bookmark, you can wait for the featured moment, or drag the navigation bar to the specific time or point created, and you are sorted!

Dynamic Image Zoom

This feature allows the learner to dynamically zoom / scale up a part of the image when clicked. For this to work properly, the image that’ll be inserted should be of high-quality. High-quality images of any size, zoom-and-pan better, while rendering fast and interactive viewing on the web.

Summary Statement

A summary statement would be seen as a pop up at the end of the video. It can be a simple sentence or even a link. There is a provision to decide the time-frame for inserting the video i.e. the number of seconds before the video ends, the summary statement would be seen.

Summary Feedback

Summary feedback is nothing, but the displaying of the final score of the learner at the end of the video. By score, it shows the percentage of correct answers a learner could crack while viewing a video. This helps in gauging the level to which a learner has understood a topic.

Besides the one stated above, there are many other interactions that can be added. Right from giving a custom title to the interactive video, to determining the text displayed before number of statements solved in the summary task, to setting the summary feedback and much more. You get a myriad of edit setting options. You can also custom select a poster image. After you are done with the custom settings, there is also an option to ‘preview’ the video.    

Once your interactive video is ready, you can use it for the learners in places where you would use a regular video. It basically helps in increasing the engagement levels of learners by making the video-watching experience more immersive. The best part, these videos are customized to the user’s particular preferences.

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