The Joomla LMS integration is a great option for your virtual training programs

Looking for an LMS solution for your Joomla website? in Paradiso Solutions, we have the best option for your company or educational institution. With Joomla LMS you could get all the features of your website also build a robust training site or eLearning platform.

Joomla is a content management system or CMS that allows you to develop dynamic and interactive pages. With the Joomla LMS integration, you can create, modify or delete all types of content from a website in a simple way through an administration panel. Besides having the functionalities, features and multiple possibilities that an eLearning platform can offer.

Joomla is a free, open source CMS used for creating and managing various web platforms. Joomla LMS integration brings your elearning to Joomla, giving you one-click access to training content, letting you assign courses and track performance, plus much more.

Joomla lms

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Joomla LMS integration features

Single Sign On (SSO)

Joomla LMS SSO gives you access to any supported platform with just one click – and you only have to sign in once with one set of login credentials.

User Synchronization

Joomla LMS user synchronization ensures that important data, such as a new user entered into the system, is shared across both platforms, keeping employee information up to date.

View Courses in Joomla

Course content, training and learning records are viewable via a tab on the Joomla dashboard. If you are an instructor you can assign courses and manage performance too, all without having to leave Joomla.

eCommerce Integration

With Joomla LMS eCommerce Integration you can boost your revenue by selling any courses you create online.


Users are automatically enrolled on any new courses that are purchased, either individually or as part of a learner group, at the moment the payment is processed, all thanks to Joomla LMS eCommerce integration. Course packages can also be purchased in this way.

Online Portal

Joomla LMS integration lets you use Joomla as a portal for schools, as an eCommerce platform or as an intranet.

Joomla LMS integration also comes with a lot of great benefits


Game dynamics, a leaderboard, a points system, and badges help improve engagement and with knowledge retention.

Social Learning

Related articles, interesting videos and social interactions all count toward the learning process. This is the future of eLearning and so is reflected in the Joomla Moodle integration.

Mobile Learning

With Mobile Learning functionality learners can pick up their learning on any device – tablet, laptop, smartphone – at any time and no matter where in the world they are based.

Advanced Reports

Build your own custom reports with Paradiso Advanced Report Builder. Track the performance, course completion, users data, and more.

If you want to know more about Joomla LMS integration or about any of our other 100+ integrations, you can schedule a Demo or use our Free Trial.

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