Live Webinar Gamification in training

Join us for our live webinar about Gamification in training on the upcoming 15th of January

On the upcoming 15th of January, we will be hosting a live webinar about Gamification in training. This is a subject that generates doubts in the users because, in many occasions, the training programs are taken as a serious process that must be carried out with extreme care.

This statement is true, an online training must be taken seriously and conscientiously. However, education must be also a dynamic activity, not static or boring. Making your onboardings and training a memorable process is an important goal for the optimal development of them and the success of your company’s work.

Which topics are we going to learn about?

– What is gamification and how to use it in your training?
– Benefits of using gamification in training.
– Some examples

Live Webinar Gamification in training

What is Gamification and how can be used?


Gamification is the big deal in e-learning! Essentially, it’s the use of game elements in a non-game context. It maximizes enjoyment and elevates engagement by capturing the interest of learners and motivating them to continue learning and complete their courses.

Gamification has seen the light of the day as a significant trend in the field of learning and development in the past few years. On this webinar, we’ll explore what gamification is and how it can be used to create more meaningful, engaging and interactive training experience along with your company.

Implementing the gamification in training will help you maintain the external motivation of your employees and push their psychological areas. Why? Because the same learning strategies could easily get monotonous and they are no longer going to want to continue with their training or they could stop the process that you started with a lot of effort, sacrifice, and resources.

A platform adapted with game elements can create interactive scenery that helps your users accomplish their goals, learn through creative activities and resources, and finish their training while there are also having fun. This is the main reason why we recommend you use gamification in training for your employees or customers.

Live Webinar Gamification in training

Let’s see how Gamification in training has helped companies around the globe

McDonald’s case:

Mcdonald’s, the fast-food giant, faced a very peculiar challenge pertaining to the training of their new employees. This was because they have new people joining them as associates without any training. These people are mostly young college goers or others prefer working part-time while pursuing their other life goals.

They came up with the idea of creating Nintendo games which teaches them how to flip burgers, what the right temperature of fries should be and so on and so forth. The best part was that the learners could use their free time, to play these Nintendo games and gain expertise.

So the games were helping them train, while at the same time, Mcdonald’s was saving a lot of time in training, and the employees were having fun while learning.

SAP, the network community that took advantage of Gamification tool

SAP’s community is user rich. To give a heads up on SAP software, being one of the complex software to deploy and hence, they needed a way where one customer could help the other customer to figure out the challenges in deployment. For this, they needed to create an environment where the consultants and the technicians would helping each other out.

They created leaderboards where the users would get scores based on their level of engagement. For example, they got leveling icons, that ranged from glass to diamond. The more they contributed, the higher up they went on the leaderboard. This created a sense of challenge, adventure, and status, as a result of which the users were contributing more and more to the community. At the same time, the users, as well as the customers, were learning more and more.

The statistics saw a drastic change after deploying gamification. After a month or so, the SAP community saw that the overall activity on their community increased by 400%. SAP did the deployment of gamification in phases, so it’s been a 10-year journey to get where they are now.

Live Webinar Gamification in training

These and more fantastic data and information we will get through during our webinar. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about gamification in training and how to apply this amazing tool properly to see the real difference. Join now and be there on January 15th for our Gamification in training webinar.

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  • Will Philips
    Posted at 17:03h, 04 January

    Great! the gamification is the new big thing. I will be attending this webinar to update me and get more information about it. We must be prepared for creating new environments for education and training.

  • Gabby Wilkins
    Posted at 17:17h, 04 January

    First, take the decision of gamifying your courses is a very smart one because it is proving by several studies that a person can obtain more information while is motivated by goals and task. I’ll be looking at the webinar hoping to find new information. Great to know that the eLearning is growing day by day!

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