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LMS Active Directory Integration

Ease your training processes with an LMS Active Directory Integration

An Active Directory is a tool for organizing and managing a computer network that works with users, services, posts, access to devices, access to equipment permissions or information, servers, etc. An LMS Active Directory integration allows that the information hosted in the Active Directory network can be synchronized with the LMS and work for the hand by hand to deliver training to the entire network.

In this way, all the user information that you have in the Active Directory can be used directly in the LMS platform, letting you create and organize cohorts according to that information, add the employees in courses, give them the permission to access to the educational material or users roles in the training process (administrator, student, super admin, etc.) based on the information allocated in the Active Directory of the company.

Your company might store employee information in Active Directory, which when synchronized with Paradiso LMS will be available for the automatic authentication of users, update of changes made in the information of permissions, roles or personal data, among others.

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Single Sing On in Paradiso LMS Active Directory Integration

Thanks to Single Sign-On (SSO) users can access the LMS platform because their information is already shared between Active Directory and Paradiso LMS.

Your users will not need excessive reminders of numbers, usernames or passwords. This will come with an evident increase in the productivity and success of the training. On the side of the platform, the load of requests and use of multiple passwords within the system is reduced, the authentication is done from a single server that has the management of the identities and guarantees better control of the security and access granted to the users.

In the same way, the reporting feature is also benefited by the LMS Active Directory integration, as it has an access point to the centralized information found on the main server. Thus, the information in the reports can be more precise and from the Active Directory, you can access the reports that the LMS platform made about performance, courses or platform operation.

These are other benefits that the integration of LMS Active Directory will bring you

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  1. Users information can be managed in one place (i.e. The Active Directory), which avoids duplication and maintains data consistency.
  2. Users will be created, deleted or updated automatically in LMS.
  3. The user is automatically put into appropriate LMS groups or cohorts depending on their profile fields such as location, job title, department or groups.
  4. Users can connect to LMS with the same username and the same password, which they use to login to their organization’s computers or any other applications such as outlook or intranet. So no need to remember another username and password.

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