LMS AI Chatbot

LMS AI Chatbot is an innovative feature that is changing the way learners study

The reason behind using technology for educational work is to facilitate the processes, making them simpler, always thinking of the user. Among the tools that have been created to increase the quality of the eLearning experience, the latest innovation is LMS AI Chatbot.

LMS AI Chatbot arises from the necessity to have a partner that is constant within the training process that takes place in the LMS platform. The support and tutors become insufficient when talking about education without barriers, where the end users, whether students or trainees, have the possibility to take their lessons from any place and at any time. That is where it is necessary to have a tool, or even better, an ally that promotes the training process and is available to meet the needs of the user at the time they request it.

The LMS AI Chatbot feature is designed to fight the isolation that users are subjected to when they are in the training process. In other words, the Chabot for LMS arrives to become the user’s best friend, a constant company that identifies their language and adapts to their needs, giving a more precise and quick answer to possible doubts both of the training process and the operation of the platforms.

Artificial intelligence technology is used in multiple works, corporate and educational fields to enhance human ingenuity, becoming a personalized support source for each user that communicates in their language and adapts quickly to their needs. LMS systems are not strange.

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How LMS AI Chatbot Affects the relationship between the learner and the learning program?

The Chatbots can become the most direct bridge between the platform and the user, creating a learning experience with an unprecedented level of interactivity and even with a better response capacity than in one-on-one training.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithm, which collects data from the user while developing a relationship with it and provides support, analyzes crucial factors of the training process such as performance, doubts or even the type of language, the words that the student uses, in order to achieve a level of adaptiveness of the LMS AI Chatbot that allows teaching to be highly personalized for each student.

This is quality education, able to deliver a highly intuitive level of education, combined with state-of-the-art technology designed to help enhance the human mind. LMS AI Chatbot is the trend that changes the history of virtual education.

What type of information can LMS AI Chatbot throw?

  • It can show your current courses as user
  • It can display grades and other achievements
  • LMS AI Chatbot can tell you what you should study or do next
  • It will show upcoming events or deadlines
  • The Chatbot can show users’ history and how many courses have been completed
  • Personalized FAQ’s
  • Live chat as a partner to review past lessons

LMS AI Chatbot capabilities

  • Learning Assistant
  • Data processor
  • Time Saver
  • Academic Counselor
  • Helpdesk/Support
  • Personal Assistant
  • Friend – Online mate
  • Time Saver

Some concepts related to LMS AI Chatbot

  • Machine Learning:

    This means the LMS AI Chatbot collects the data but also it can learn and evolve on its own from that analysis.

  • Natural Language Understanding:

    The process of transforming the user’s speech into actionable data.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

    A system that does something that would normally require human intervention or intelligence.

  • Chatbot:

    Artificial Intelligence partner designed to enhance the eLearning experience.

To conclude, artificial intelligence comes to merge with eLearning trends at levels that are yet to be explored. The premise is to continue experimenting with the multiple functionalities of the platforms and their virtual universe at such a level that the processes are highly impacted for the benefit of users, companies, and education in general.

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