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LMS for Corporate Training: A New Learning Paradigm to Boost Training


Before getting deep into this topic, it is essential to understand what is a corporate LMS? A corporate learning management system (LMS) delivers online courses and other learning content to train your employees. It helps in many onboarding activities and helps new employees to get the required knowledge and skills to perform their roles and, ultimately, advance faster in their careers. There is no doubt, companies who provide corporate training to their employees boast higher income per employee and a higher profit margin than those who don’t. So, investing in the development and training of employees is profitable.So, let us jump into the corporate LMS and how your business can benefit from it.

Why You Need Corporate LMS?

In the corporate world, intellectual capital and constant learning have become crucial. Therefore, an efficient workforce has to be one that can process more information fast and in a shorter amount of time. Moreover, new products and services are continuing to emerge in the market with all their stimulating speed. This program, in turn, coming on corporate training managers with the urgency to deliver knowledge and skills more rapidly and efficiently to cope with the turbulent business environment.

So, here are five reasons why you need a corporate LMS:

  1. First, reducing training costs, including travel, accommodation, and other event expenditures, can significantly save your company money.
  2. There is no need to bound in the classroom for lessons. Employees can access their courses from anywhere and whenever. It is so convenient.
  3. Organizations can train their staff from different locations simultaneously with no extra cost.
  4. It will reduce the workload of senior employees as the new hires can get up to speed more independently.
  5. Easy to track activity, who has completed the course, at what time, and how well they performed.

Who Uses LMS for Corporate?

LMS for corporate training is perfect for SMBs and large enterprises, and nonprofit and governmental organizations of different sizes. A corporate LMS promotes the development of small and medium-sized businesses without high costs and loss of productivity. LMS makes it possible for large enterprises to train entire branches and departments and transfer knowledge efficiently.

HR team or Learning and Development team can manage corporate training and use LMSs, depending on a company’s size.

Following are the users of LMS who can identify in an organization:

  1. An IT Technician – IT technician administers the system when it comes to complex LMSs. But, if the system is more accessible, a course author can handle the procedure.
  2. Course Creator – A person who creates training programs and adds courses to an LMS
  3. Users or Trainees – Trainees who study materials on the platform.

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What Are the Main Features of Corporate LMS?

Every organization is unique and may have various training needs and different requirements for a prospective LMS platform. However, if we talk in general, any organization has these three basic requirements, which are ultimately its features:

  1. Manage users: This feature enables you to edit or add users and can organize them into groups and departments to assign roles to them.
  2. Manage courses: You can manage courses easily by uploading or delivering learning materials to users.
  3. Assess training progress: You can track any individual’s progress or assess how a group of learners performs promptly.

If we look into extra LMS features, it provides:

  1. Event Calendar – You can schedule in-class activities or webinars and can monitor these training events in your LMS as well. Setting upcoming events will notify learners about the date and time, which will get off your table.
  2. Certification – It is best to reward your employees if they complete the course or a test. LMSs can issue certificates for your employees or trainees and facilitate comprehensive professional certification in your corporation.
  3. Mobile Learning – LMS allows your employees to access the course from any device as an app anywhere and at any time.
  4. Social Media – LMS allows you to like, share, discuss, user feedback and other features similar to social media platforms to provide more collaborative learning experiences.
  5. Gamification – A fun way to engage and motivate learners to participate in training. Collecting points and badges for finishing their training modules, employees can participate in a friendly competition.

How Can a Corporate LMS Help Your Business?

You can create a new hire orientation program to put most of your employee induction training on autopilot and assign it to all new hires. This program can include company history, mission, vision, values, corporate policies, corporate culture, organizational structure and leadership team, products/services, and their main benefits. This program will result in good induction training, which can simplify and streamline the new hire adaptation process.

Your employees can have a product training course that gives learners comprehensive information about features, benefits, and how to use the product. At the end of the period, trainees can take a quiz to assess how knowledgeable the employee is about the product and see if they need additional training. This program will help empower your teams and boost both sales and customer satisfaction metrics.

Employees can get job-specific skills to help them stay updated with the latest developments that will eventually improve their performance.

Getting proper training will make your employees better equipped to increase sales, and better service & support teams can convert customers.

How to Select the Right Corporate LMS?

Taking a great deal of time and money to invest in your company’s right learning management system can be pretty challenging. There are a lot of things to consider while going for the best LMS for corporate training, but Paradiso LMS is the one that provides you the solution for all your existing business problems.

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